Superhero with humor: So funny dissed Deadpool X-Men trailer

Anarcho-Knalltüte &# 8220; Dead Pool&# 8221; is back! This time, his colleagues from &# 8220; X-Men: Apocalypse&# 8221; the victims, as the anti-hero takes the Japanese trailer apart completely, as you can see in a very entertaining video with my own eyes. Have fun! 

Superhero with humor: So funny dissed Deadpool X-Men trailerSource: © 20th Century FOX

He has already torpedoed his own Honest Trailer now villain Deadpool makes Japanese Trailer &# 8220; X-Men: Apocalypse&# 8221; his respects. In the style of commentators and film analysts have partying on a movie preview the newly seen right after picking apart or even our favorite anarcho-hero has taken place on the critic-chair. The result can be found here:

Superhero with humor: So funny dissed Deadpool X-Men trailer

3988X-Men: Apocalypse trailer with Deadpool

Whoever wonders why it in Japan even a trailer for &# 8220; X-Men: Apocalypse&# 8221; needs, let me tell you that the superhero movie with Professor Charles Xavier and Co. until the August 11th, 2016 starts in the local cinema.

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&# 8220; Dead Pool&# 8221; is with us since the  23 June 2016 released on Blu-ray and DVD. &# 8220; X-Men: Apocalypse&# 8221; is expected in September. We are curious whether Deadpool will pay his respects here!

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