OpenOffice: Extensions that you should know their

If their assiduous users of the free office suite OpenOffice are and knows you with popular applications, we can probably still put you at this point some useful extensions or plug-ins to the heart with which you enhance the all-round talent for a few more functions can.

The original OpenOffice Download is very compact with its few hundred Mb and lacks however there some great extensions that lay people could overwhelm the program. For all those who want to get out of OpenOffice more, but there are a whole lot of their installation can enhance either the suite or individual programs enormous free plug-ins.

OpenOffice extensions that should know their

Perhaps already some changes in the new version of OpenOffice you noticed. So most of the extras that were previously included by default in the program range, then manually upgraded using the Extension Manager.

OpenOffice Extension Manager screenshotThis meager selection of extensions you can expand and upgrade for free

Especially important seemed to us the following extensions:

1. OpenOffice extension: Template Changer

Whether it detects only after the editing that you have used the wrong document template: The template Changer for the whole Suite you change the template on the open document.

Template Changer_1 download*

2. OpenOffice extension: DateTime2

Also, the whole suite concerns the extension DateTime2 with which you can quickly and easily insert into your document open time, date or date set. Predicate: Never too late!


3. OpenOffice extension: Language tool

With version 3 of Apache OpenOffice the dictionary disappeared for the spell check from the Open Office Writer and gave way to a minimalist basic equipment for elementary school students that the languages ​​English, German, French or Italian were powerful. With Language tool you will also coarser blunders in spelling.



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