SOMA: All Achievements and Trophies – Guidelines and tips for 100%

In the sea you nobody can hear you scream. SOMA, the new horror adventure from Frictional Games (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) casts its eerie shadows and sends you on a journey of discovery through one populated by nightmare creatures underwater station. you can activate on your survival trip doing what successes and trophies, learn it here.


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On September 22, the horror trip goes on PC and PlayStation 4 going on, because then comes SOMA and would you like once Amnesia: The Dark Descent strike fear. And that without loud sound effects and jumps Cares. In horror adventure madness comes namely insidiously, but huge. We show you a Overview of all achievements and trophies in the game.

Hereinafter trailer can you ever make you an idea of ​​the grotesque characters who will meet you for better or worse.

SOMA: all achievements and trophies Overview

The Achievements you will gain automatically during the game and in all likelihood you can so you concentrate on the dark plot of the game. Overall, there are Ten Achievements and Trophies to get hold of, their descriptions are also not too revealing to betray nothing of the story. A complete overview be found in the following table.

the paging followedanswered the call bronze
talked to Catherine Chun
on-catherines TrailIn Catherine's tracksilver
discovered lambda
Crash landing on Delta
the-dunbatthe DUNBATsilver
Theta discovered
plan-bplan Bsilver
failed obtaining the DUNBAT
is dead-der dream-the-I-dreamingDead is the dream I dreamedsilver
escape from Theta
a-new-duA new yousilver
Body changed in Omicron
endangered speciesEndangered speciessilver
hit the last people
expressway-to-the-sternenHighway to the starssilver
Omega Space Cannon reached
the endThe endsilver
They are not we!

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