Moirai: Steam Experiment is set after hacker attack

Did you play Moirai before? If not, then you will unfortunately not get in the future the opportunity to do so because the creative secret has now been set.

1175879Five Useful Tips for SteamA Steam game less. This was due to repeated hacking attacks on the database of the game Moirai. A mere resetting these databases have not been enough to save the game because Moirai uses a special gimmick.

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Looking for a missing woman you meet a soiled with blood person in a cave. Once you have them asked about the blood and the missing woman, you decide whether the killing the person or runs - depending on whether you were able to convince the answers of his innocence. Then you will continue your way and find the bloody woman. In your attempt to help her, you will also smeared with blood. When you want to leave the cave, you meet again a person who asks you the same questions for the woman and the blood. Whether your answers were able to convince the next player of your innocence, you learn then by e-mail.

The app was not found in the store.

Since the guise of a single-player multiplayer titles developed by only three people, the effort after the hacker attack is too large to get the game alive. In her farewell post the three, however, assure you that in the attack no e-mail addresses of the players were stolen.


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