NetMoms cycle calendar: Android app supports couples who want children

The dream of many couples is to finally have a child. But with many of step with the desire takes several months to pregnancy, often even years. A valuable aid can be a cycle calendar as provided by NetMoms app for Android devices.

NetMoms cycle calendar: Android app supports couples who want children

A cycle calendar is used to determine the optimal timing of the next possible fertilization. In addition, he will of course also be used in order to assess the next menstruation and prepare accordingly can. However, the cycle of calendar NetMoms goes one step further.

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specifically plan the family with the cycle calendar NetMoms

The application examines not only the timing of a possible fertilization and menstruation, but can be used even better with additional input data. Major user can thereby enter information about the basal body temperature, bleeding, the general mood, cervical mucus, stress and alcohol, as well as abdominal pain. the results of ovulation and pregnancy tests are important to it.

With this information, the cycle calendar NetMoms can predict when the next ovulation occurs. Also, the fertile period can be estimated by the data of temperature, cervical mucus and blood flow are evaluated. So can better assess whether it can come to a fertilization.

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Several methods are supported by the cycle calendar. These include the temperature method (only measuring the temperature) symptothermal method (observance of temperature and cervical mucus) and ovulation calendar (estimate the optimum time for fertilization).

The cycle of calendar NetMoms helps to remember

All evaluations are only possible if the app NetMoms is also used regularly and conscientiously. Therefore, the app reminds individually controlling the cervical mucus and measuring the temperature. It also refers to a pending menstruation.

Conclusion: For couples who want children, the cycle calendar NetMoms is an important factor in controlling to achieve pregnancy faster and more controlled. The free app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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