WhatsApp groups mute on iPhone and Android

With WhatsApp you can get in touch with friends, acquaintances and colleagues at no additional cost on your smartphone. Do you want to simultaneously communicate with multiple people, you can do a group chat so.

WhatsApp groups mute on iPhone and Android

In some cases, you are a member of a large group, the z. As for the organization of the next football dates has been created, you want to be disturbed at certain times not by sounds, or a vibrating phone for new messages, however. So you do not have to completely withdraw from the group, you can also easily mute at WhatsApp groups.

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WhatsApp groups Mute Android

Are the group notifications disabled, get her while continuing all the messages in the group chat, but you will no longer be informed via push, sound and vibration. To turn off notifications for the group chat, opens the WhatsApp group chat. Now click the bottom right to open the settings for the group. Selects here "silently". you can now specify how long you want to switch the WhatsApp group silently in new window. You can choose from:

  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 1 year
  • 100 years


WhatsApp groups to mute the iPhone

Alternatively, you can also turn off notifications entirely. Just take this to the corresponding hook from the setting and confirm with "OK". Now you get any more messages when a new message arrives in the group chat. All new news can you still see as usual chat. Do you want to cancel the setting again, re-opens the settings for the group chat and select "Sound".

  1. open Whatsapp
  2. Calling Group Chat
  3. Open settings button on the left
  4. Select "silently"
  5. set duration


The method described above is intended for Android users of WhatsApp. Those who use WhatsApp on iPhone, open the Chat and Click above on the name of social discussion. Selects here "My Notifications" to open the button "Notifications" a new menu. Scroll down and take the check in the "Notifications" out. Now WhatsApp is not making any more messages for incoming group chat. Do you want to switch the group temporarily mute, select the "Mute" option.

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