Create PowerPoint master slide – A style for all sides

Many PowerPoint presentations are characterized by a uniform appearance. Company logo, background, division ... The reason is called slide master. How to create this PowerPoint master slides, we explain here.

Create PowerPoint master slide - A style for all sides

A blank PowerPoint slide is white and has a field for the title and subtitle. Boring!

A PowerPoint presentation does not have sparks and flashes. but they should still attractively designed, be interesting and at the same time serious. The look should be based on the subject, but also the audience. Bad endless text deserts are in different fonts. Relieved only by 80s pictures. It is not so hard to give his side a professional appearance that runs consistently through all the slides. With PowerPoint master slides we can make our presentation so that they themselves forgive us wild themes jumps.

What is a PowerPoint master slide?

With the term master slide a base template is meant for PowerPoint that best at the beginning of the slide designs is created. It is much more laborious to miss a finished presentation a consistent look to set as at the beginning a basic design. Depending on the type of presentation you have to consider this course already before, what content you as wants to show. it defines, for example a background with a prepared box for text, so you have to later abide by its dimensions.

You do not even need great designerische skills to create a PowerPoint master slide. The net enough free, ready-made templates floating around that one can use either the same, or can take as inspiration. How can something look, I once summarized templates in a tip about download sources for the best free PowerPoint. And if you want to start at the base, there are also plenty of free PowerPoint backgrounds.

Such a slide master for PowerPoint is thus defined once and then contains several elements, which are also located on each newly created film. Since the work is to be a relief, these templates elements are not immutable force. You can remove individual items, or add in each film.

Create a PowerPoint master slide

The best order to create a PowerPoint presentation with master layout is as follows:

  1. outline content of the presentation.
  2. An outline concept on paper zusammenkritzeln.
  3. Start PowerPoint and create according to these preliminary one master slide
  4. Insert the content in each slide.
should absolutely avoid it to use in his PowerPoint master slide this ever again

Anyone who has much experience with presentations, the order could define itself. However, just such people also tend to repeat themselves in the structure of their presentation, which can lead to boredom with audiences tend.

So you put a PowerPoint master slide:

powerpoint-view-film master

PowerPoint opens. Then you click on the view tab. There is in the left third of the dot menu slide Master. Once you click on this icon, the left opens the Home tab, a new card called slide Master and the rest of view changes.

powerpoint folie master edit

On the left is a menu with several prepared master slides. The first selection is already visible in the main screen. At this point, you should understand a basic principle of PowerPoint master slides: For example, if a text field can be seen in a film, it goes with the master film is not about changing this text! It's about the Text properties of this field. Here we can set the font and size, specify color and alignment. Text is later inserted there when applying the actual films and he will then have exactly the chosen here properties.

powerpoint-master film Background

Top of the menu band we find different editing options to make our master slide. So we can about under Background Styles specify what kind of background to have each slide in the presentation. In addition to colors and gradients are here among others also pictures and clipart possible. Where to get free PowerPoint backgrounds, I have already mentioned above. Who wants switchen times by various ready-made designs, can under the menu designs do. Next to it is the ability to switch between prepared color palettes. Given the already built-in design possibilities, it is all the more surprising that so many PowerPoint presentations are so boring ...

Once we click Close Master View, the edit mode is finished for the PowerPoint Slide Master and the new template can be used immediately.

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