Help! iTunes will not install

Apple's iTunes media center is a convenient solution to organize his music and movie collection, as well as individual iOS devices, eg. B. to manage the iPhone and can be equipped with new files. Annoying it when the media fun is already tarnished and it reports computer is: "iTunes can not be installed."

After iTunes download the provided setup file is started. By following the information represented a successful installation of iTunes, nothing should stand in the way. However, it may happen in some cases that both errors occur during a new installation, as well as an attempt to update the program on the computer in a new version. If you already have iTunes installed and want to update to a new version, you should first uninstall iTunes. For safety, you also remove bundled programs like "Bonjour", "Apple QuickTime", "Apple Mobile Device Support" and "Apple Application Support". then start the installation again.

In general, you should perform each installation with administrator rights in order to prevent errors.

iTunes can not install applicationsa new version of iTunes, it can not install, uninstall the program completely, including additions

iTunes will not install

In most cases, an unsuccessful installation is indicated by an error message. Remove in Windows through the Control Panel &# 8211; Programs and Features application "Apple Software Update". Try the installation again then. Alternatively, you have the application does not completely uninstall, but can choose the "Repair" option.

iTunes will not install messageGet the message when you run the installation, "iTunesSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application", you downloaded the wrong version for your operating system. In this case, you need the iTunes 64-bit download.

to iTunes will not install still stubbornly temporarily disable additional programs on your computer that could impede a successful uploading of the program. This may be especially anti-virus programs and firewalls.

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iTunes will not install

Some installation attempts are already being canceled in the preparatory phase and "An unexpected error has occurred from the error message when installing this package. There may be a problem concerning the packet. The error code is accompanied 2738. ". This error occurs when a problem occurs with the Visual Basic Script (VBScript) on Windows. Determine whether VBScript is in a current version on your computer. You may need to install with administrator rights in Windows register so that VBScript is working properly.

By looking at the Windows Run function. Once there, type the command "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" (without the quotes). After successful registration, the message "DllRegisterServer in vbscript.dll successfully carried out". Confirm the message with "OK". Now the successful installation of iTunes, nothing should stand in the way.

iTunes will not install &# 8211; No access rights to key

In a few cases, there may be a conflict in the Windows registry when you install iTunes. The error message shows a combination of several numbers and letters. Write down the key and open the Registry Management for Windows. You can find these under typing "regedit" in the Windows Run window. Note that you also need this administrator rights.

Provide complete key in the search box. Now click right and look in the "Advanced Settings" after the rights management. Add the user name under which to iTunes will not install and confirm your entries. Are displayed multiple keys at the previous error message during installation, you must perform this procedure for each key individually.


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