Premier League live stream: see English Football Online – Start season 2016/17 Today

The bleak period after the football championship is over - the football season 2016/17 is coming. In the German Bundesliga, although it is not until the end of the month off, but starting from today you can the first match in the English "Premier League" tracked online live stream.

For the season 2016/17 arise for fans of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Co. some important changes. Sky no longer holds this season the broadcast rights to the games in the English Football League. From the upcoming season of the new streaming service DAZN shows the Premier League matches in the live stream. In the first month you can, test DAZN free to so watch the matches of the English league as well as many other international leagues online. After the free trial month of access to DAZN costs 9.99 € per month.

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Premier League live stream: Arsenal &# 8211; Liverpool to kick off

DAZN brings you the Premier League live stream on every common browser. With the appropriate apps you can also follow the live broadcasts online on your smartphone or tablet. Those who prefer to pursue the big TV football live, can connect his PC or laptop via HDMI to the TV to transmit the stream. In future, all major smart TV manufacturers will be equipped with the appropriate DAZN app. The PlayStation 3 and PS4 will receive a corresponding app to keep track of the Premier League online on TV. A Chromecast support, there is not yet up to date.

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Premier League live stream: see English Football Online - Start season 2016/17 Today

On the first day you can follow live all matches of the Premier League. The season opener to make the newly promoted Hull City and the surprise champions of the preseason, Leicester City. The highlight of the first match day is the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. In the live stream you are here on Sunday at 17:00 there. The following games are on the schedule:

  • Saturday, 08/13, 13:30 pm. Hull City - Leicester City
  • Saturday, 08/13, 16:00 pm: Burnley FC - Swansea City.
  • Saturday, 08/13, 16:00 pm. Crystal Palace - West Bromwich Albion
  • Saturday, 08/13, 16:00 pm. Everton - Tottenham Hotspur
  • . Saturday, 13.8, 16:00 pm: Middlesbrough FC - Stoke City
  • . Saturday, 13.8, 16:00 Southampton FC - Watford City
  • Manchester City-Sunderland: Saturday, 13.8, 18:30.
  • Sunday, 8/14, 14:30 pm: Bournemouth - Manchester United.
  • Sunday, 8/14, 17:00 pm: Arsenal - Liverpool FC.
  • Monday, 15.08, 21.00: Chelsea - West Ham United.

Premier League live stream: see English Football Online - Start season 2016/17 Today

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see English Football online: Premier League live stream

Without DAZN subscription you can free all the highlights of the Premier League watch online free TV or. After the games, there are the summaries of the Premier League games online at and the apps the sports channel. Those who prefer to see comfortably on the couch goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, passes from Kevin De Bruyne and assists Mesut Ozil, Monday night turns from 23:15 to the Premier League summaries Sport1 on free TV. If you can not receive Sport1, brings you the streaming service Magine the Sport1 live stream on the screen.

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