Threema ID to create, manage and delete

Among the alternatives WhatsApp particular threema could distinguish themselves in recent days. Especially the security and encryption of the message speaks for the app from Swiss development. The threema ID is your key to access the Messenger.

Threema ID to create, manage and delete

The threema ID consists of eight characters. Here both uppercase letters, and numbers can occur. associated with the ID is the key threema your device. Your getting this from threema server when the public key is used for the first time. The threema ID will be set up after downloading and installing the app. At this point, it is an email address or phone number to be linked to the threema ID. To confirm the data obtained you will receive an automated response via SMS or mail from threema.

Threema ID to create, manage and delete

Threema ID transmitted

Using the ID can add their new people to your threema contacts.

threemadownloadQR codethreemaDeveloper: threema GmbHPrice: 2,99 €

Do you want to transfer the old threema ID on a new smartphone, a backup must be created within the app. For the Threema ID Backup opens her the section "My ID". There, the "Backup" option can be found. Give a password at this point and your private threema ID data is stored in text form and as a QR code. The backup text can you save, the QR code can be scanned directly with the new smartphone, so that threema ID is automatically transferred to the new device.

By the way, a regular backup of the recommended threema ID in the event that the smartphone is lost or stolen. For restoring a backup you choose the "Restore" in the place where the accident data is collected option. Per Backup also can backup contacts and transferred to another device messages and threema - but not cross-platform between Android and iOS.

Threema ID to create, manage and delete

Have you lost your private key, and you can not log in to the threema ID, you have the connection between your e-mail address, or phone number to resolve the threema ID. To unlink the threema ID with the phone number or email address of the manufacturer, the page must be called. There you give the linked mail, or phone number, and confirmed "Unlink" with. After this your present threema ID disappears from the address books of other threema users.

threema-id-linking-cancelOn the manufacturing side, you can unlink number or mail with the ID threema

Threema ID Clear Away with contaminated sites

Have you created a second threema account, or at least have no pleasure in the Messenger found the question arises, is a Delete threema ID can. Here the developer itself states that no threema IDs will be deleted from the server. However, if a login with this ID within 6 months inevitable, the corresponding account is disabled. If you do not want your old ID will still appear in your friends and contacts, the new threema ID associated with the previously used e-mail address and phone number. In this way, your account will be transferred to the new ID. In addition, the old threema ID should be deleted from the contact lists of your friends to synchronize those not permanent automatically.

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