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The corresponding section of Facebook online photo service Instagram has made with the latest update a revolutionary change. Users have, in addition to the square now also have the option to upload their photos and videos in portrait or landscape mode. In addition, the range of filters for photos and videos has been modified. 

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According to the company people are logged in to Instagram to 300 million and probably every one of them has ever suffered because the square format of the photos for all subjects provides the optimum cut. This is now: The newest teaser for Star Wars 7 &# 8211; The awakening of the power has been published, for example, already in the alternative landscape on Instagram.

There has been at awakening&# 8230; #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

One of Star Wars (@starwars) video posted on August 27, 2015 at 10:00

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Instagram update: Alternative formats bring the designs to better advantage

The square classic continues to be the default setting, because according Instagram is the square format is an important identifying feature of the platform is to enable users to share their visual stories as easily as possible with others. For many, this update is not quite as revolutionary because it for years useful apps *Instagram: landscape and portrait photos now possible - so you go there that allow Instagram users to post their photos in full size. So far, however, through the detour of white bars above and below, and along with lower resolutions.

According to Instagram every fifth photo or video is already not now in square format. With the app's own function, this disadvantage is it to be much better. Not the update allows users to take photos within the app in alternative formats - so you can upload in portrait and landscape format only been in the gallery or Photoroll present images.

Today we&# 8217; re excited to announce did-you-can now share photos and videos in landscape and portrait Bothland on Instagram! We&# 8217; ve so unified photo and video filters so did you-can-use photofilters on videos and video filters on photos. Many thanks to the team for all Their hardwork. Woot !! #thinkoutsidethesquare

One of Christine Choi (@chchoitoi) gepostetes photo on August 27, 2015 at 11:03 PM

The update also includes a modification of the filter range. Although there are no really new options added, but filters that worked so far only for videos, can be applied to photos and the other way around now. The format update is rolled out for iOS and Android users these days, step by step, the changes should therefore arrive with you soon.

set the style

Set Instagram landscape update the format icon

adjust the format is simple: In the lower left corner below the photo you'll find the format icon. Once you typed on the picture to change the format. Your photo is then displayed in the feed full size, in the profiles the famous square display is maintained. So you can finally your adventures in surfing or the snapshots from the Eiffel Tower quite comfortable in the optimal format present.

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