Moto 360 in the test: An (almost) rounded

It is considered the flagship product, Smart Watches with Android Wear: the Moto 360. Announced in March this year, the smart watch by Motorola but was brought in October on the market. At that time, an immense hype already had built up to the first round smartwatch; mainly due to the seemingly perfect blend of design and functionality. But this little gadget for the wrist with software from Mountain View can live up to expectations? Our extensive review provides information.

Moto 360 in the test: An (almost) rounded

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Smart Watches are entering the mainstream. After smartphones have changed our lives and how to deal with each other in recent years, sustainable, smart watches are supposed to be the next big thing. There are Smart Watches for quite some time - but always to eke out an existence as a niche product. Google wants to change with its Android Wear Initiative. The software platform was presented after a first announcement in March at the Google I / O 2014 in June to the public, together with the first generation Smart Watches with this operating system. However, the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch (Test) reminded more of well-intentioned feasibility studies for advanced Smart Watches.

The first generation of Android Wear: LG with the G Watch and Samsung with the Gear Live.

Motorola claimed for himself, thanks to the round "clock face" - to own recipe for a smart watch the latest generation - in itself profane. The hype for the time being was legal US americans: Moto 360 went tech press and enthusiasts from the start in the spell. The balance between ansehnlichem looks and technical features seemed to agree, especially since Android Wear should focus from the outset for round dials. But the circular Moto SmartWatch also holds a second gaze?

Note: In recent weeks, we have tested the Moto 360 in the black version with Android Wear version 4.4W.2 detail. It is a personal device, the findings of the authors have been added to those of the editor Luke Funk, who also has a copy of the Moto 360th

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The design of the Moto 360

A watch is now much more than a vile timepiece - it is regarded as status object, and for many that might most personal piece of jewelry. The Motorola has recognized and focused as opposed to competition from South Korea, from the beginning to the look of the watch. Moto 360 sees itself not only as a functional gadget on your wrist, but will also convince in their outward appearance.


This begins with the round body of the Moto 360, which ensures that the SmartWatch passes at first glance as a regular wristwatch. The clean and simple lines of the housing are reminiscent of elegant and remains left interrupted by a small opening for the microphone and by a protruding knob on the right side. This serves to manually turn the screen on or off and enter the settings by long pressure. However, the materials used and the solid workmanship give the watch an elegant touch: The housing is made of stainless steel and tapers to a narrow edge in the direction of the user, where the area covered by Gorilla Glass 3 display, together with the unloved black "bar" deviates on the underside of the glass front. The glass front stands a little over and is flattened outwardly. The result is that the light of the underlying screen breaks at the edge of the glass - but that falls on only when a light background, and usually does not bother.


The Moto 360 does when the display is simply a sound and a discreet manner extremely high-quality impression - from accumulating in the margins dust aside times. The design is timeless and futuristic at the same time. The watch is also surprisingly light, maybe even a little too light at just 60 grams, as they, in turn, looks a bit like a toy. After all, Motorola's Smart Watch is not the same as recognizable as such at first glance; which is one hand on the design and on the insignificant size. The diameter is 46 millimeters - not uncommon for a watch. In the height of the Moto 360 measures 11.5 millimeters, which also is still in the frame.

moto-360-test-leather bracelet rueckseite

In our model, a black leather bracelet Horween Leather Company of Chicago was - seen such a direct neighbor of Motorola - mounted. This does the job and looks fairly decent, however the author of these lines metal bracelets preferred - a metal band would watch also a pleasant (right) give s weight, which is clearly subjective. In addition, the leather strap appeared to him a little too long, making it regularly jumps out of the loop, although this could also be due to rather small wrists. The bracelet can be replaced easily, but it has yet to a standardized width of 22 millimeters, thus also bands from other manufacturers can be used without problems. Motorola offers the Moto 360 - at least in the US - now also available with a metal bracelet on.


The underside of the watch is made of simple plastic, which is due to the technical innards. So there is the optical heart rate monitor attached, which manifests itself through his occasional green flash. This falls while wearing but not up and twice only happens estimated per minute - the measurement interval can not be the way to manually change. In addition, the built-in wireless charging function via QI wireless standard requires a non-conductive housing material for induction. Also, the water resistance is below noted, as the Moto 360 is certified to IP67 standard.

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Hardware and specifications of the Moto 360

But we want to reduce the 360 ​​Moto not only their appearance, but dealing of course with the intrinsic values ​​of the Android Wear watch. Let's start with the most striking component, the 1.56 inches diagonally measured display: The resolution of the round IPS screen resulting in a pixel density of 205 ppi 320 x 290 pixels. This is certainly not sharp and the Moto 360 is lagging the competition in this discipline also afterwards. As a result, symbols whereby information is given less space also represented something greater. Nevertheless, the resolution turns everyday use as sufficiently sharp. The colors shown are solid and surprising perspective stable. The maximum brightness should be enough for sunny days however the current weather situation in this regard not particularly meaningful test allows.

moto-360-test-refraction-display-randAt the edge of the display glass, it comes to light refraction.

Since the Moto 360, in contrast to previously all other Android Wear smart watches over an LC display features, the screen also sucks in passive use relatively greedy in energy storage. The OLED screens of the competition, the pixels can be individually controlled and illuminated, creating a black background in a darkened mode with only a dial on the display hardly negligible. However, the LCD technology does not allow this and will, if active, steady and evenly lit from behind. At this point, however, we give to have a first clear: The battery life of the Moto 360 is still satisfactory, but more on that later. Still, we wonder why Motorola did not also resorted to a modern OLED display - the Moto X (2014, Test) went it too.


However, the display is the name of the watch is not fair, because it is not a complete 360 ​​degree circle. The bottom of the screen is replaced by a black bar, which apparently has no relevance. Far from it, for in that ominous bar to hide all sorts of technology for the display and the light sensor. The sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen - a feature that is missing is the other Android Wear smart watches. If there were these black bars are not, Motorola should have the edges around the display devise wider and we could not get the futuristic look of the Moto 360th This is shown by LG, which build in a completely circular screen at the G Watch R, but together with the consequent need Bezel for technology.

moto-360-test-Down sensor
In the middle of the underside of the heart rate monitor is attached.

The nominal core of the motor 360 is the built-in processor, a OMAP3 chip from Texas Instruments. This has an ARM Cortex A8 processor core with a not exactly figured by the manufacturer clock rate. The chip was made still outdated 45 nm process. These hardware choice is one of the major criticisms of the clock from Motorola because it is not apparent why not been resorted to a Snapdragon 400 from market leader Qualcomm, as it comes, without exception, in the SmartWatch competition to use - the Qualcomm chip in 28 nm process generated and thus more energy efficient. The OMAP3 was introduced in 2010 and used in devices like the Motorola Droid X and the Palm Pre. 2 Meanwhile, the processor is certainly no longer manufactured. Why this decision? One possible explanation is that the price of motor could be pushed significantly in this manner 360th The OMAP3 was also installed in the MOTOACTV Smartwatch, which had, however, made it only to the US market. As a result, Motorola could simply have emptied their own stock, by resorting to a dusty chipset.


The internal memory measures 4 GB on which can also store music since the most recent software update as far all Android Wear smart watches. As RAM are 512 MB are available as for the competition. a lithium-polymer battery is used as the energy storage with a capacity of 320 mAh. The watch connects via Bluetooth 4.0 LE with the smartphone, which must therefore be equipped with at least Android 4.3. Unlike the Sony SmartWatch 3 Moto 360 has a GPS module for Motorola's SmartWatch supports wireless charging via Qi wireless standard - a very useful feature in everyday life. The included charger is likely to be optimal for the form factor, but it can be any other charging adapters use with Qi wireless - appropriate charging stations can already be found for under 20 euros from Amazon *.

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Software and performance of the Moto 360

The sometimes questionable hardware and the very chic design of the Moto 360-Motorola, but the software has been freshly imported from Mountain View. Except for specially designed dials, called Watch Faces, manufacturers have this little room for customization. Since its debut in the LG G Watch lot has at Android Wear well done, the basic concept has been retained, however. The software has been optimized under the hood by little, the surface improved selectively and adjusted. In our test period, the Moto 360 was operated with the version 4.4W.2 and was always with an LG G3 (Test) Android 4.4 KitKat connected. The first-time pairing with a smartphone carried by the way without significant hurdles. Android Wear 5.0 has meanwhile not be looking.

moto-360-test-software version

As before, Android Wear is based on the known from Google Now card system. Here, by swiping up or down to navigate between cards. A map can contain all sorts of information and interaction. Basically just maps from Google's voice assistant and the mirrored notifications connected smartphones including the corresponding shortcuts are displayed, app developers can adapt their applications for Android Wear and add features. Using the Additional app "Wear Mini Launcher" applications can also be invoked manually on the clock.


For audio playback, it also is possible to control them by the clock - and here we are at the first noticeable improvement in the most recent updates: While the controls were previously spread across several durchwischbaren pages - which we criticized in the test of the G Watch - are this now makes sense disposed on an interface side - a most welcome change. In addition, it is possible only since version 4.4W.2 to wipe the current map Preview to hide down. This could be accomplished previously only by the mute by swiping from the top of the screen down, which, however, the clock no longer notified of incoming messages. In addition, now also stored in the memory of the Smart Watch music and played via Bluetooth headphones respectively speaker.


So that the striking changes in the surface are checked, but the update for the Moto 360 since the release of the device act also "under the hood" immense impact on the user experience of the Moto 360th While in many test reports - just days after the presentation - even the battery as well as regularly occurring stuttering were criticized, the system now runs buttery soft and noticeably more energy efficient. Over the test period the author could only sporadically make dropouts in the performance. Similarly, the battery proved sized to be sufficient to survive a day - this applies to both the "regular" use as well as the so-called "Ambient Mode" that can permanently active the display.

moto-360 test-watch wrist face-2
Moto 360 with illuminated Watchface.

However, the Ambient mode, the Moto 360 works a little different from LG G Watch, Asus ZenWatch and Co. The screen is started rather than constant, but switches the sensor built only slightly sensitive. If the top of the watch even begin facing upward, a darkened display start. When the user "end results" this gesture, the screen switches to regular and fully illuminated mode - due to the light sensor, the brightness of the environment is fortunately also always an appropriate level.

In the test period, there were only sporadic disconnections with the smartphone. The app Wear Aware from the Play Store, which monitors the connection in the background, raised the alarm a few times, mostly because of the distance between the two devices. The Bluetooth connection is still stable in the next room, as a rule, in two rooms distance between phone and watch it is already critical - the Bluetooth standard used achieved without obstacle a radio range of about ten meters. Nevertheless, the connection between motor 360 and companion Android can be assessed as satisfactory. On the latter, incidentally, can make various settings by MotoConnect app, among other things, it is possible to edit the Watch Faces.

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Moto 360 everyday

An elegant piece of fine art, with a slightly outdated interior so - well and good, but how the Moto 360 hits in everyday life? The added value of SmartWatch is still limited and depends heavily on the own usage. Nevertheless, there are nice features and gimmicks that started in everyday life partly not want to miss.

Started to control for the possibility of an ongoing audio playback on the smartphone via PM. Since the last major update, the corresponding surface has been properly refurbished and is now really "usable". This can start the music playback using voice commands and adjust the volume on the clock and jump between tracks in the playlist around with headphones in your ears - convenient thing. What, however, does not want to work really, is the independent from the smartphone playback via Bluetooth. The Moto 360 has always been reluctant to connect with various audio devices.


Another gimmick that could prove useful in certain scenarios is to use the watch as a remote control. Because with some third-party apps so things like Wi-Fi and sound of the connected phones can be remotely controlled. The same goes for the camera; Here, however, requires first of all appropriate assistance to the camera application - LG has kindly recently expanded its app on the G3 to that effect. The camera is activated the clock optionally displays the viewfinder and allows remote snapping photos. However, since the photo sensor receives rectangular images, the display on the round display of the Moto 360 is shown only shrunk and can not access the full number of pixels of the anyway not too high-resolution screen.

One gets unfortunately common to see: a reference on smartphone.

already there we come to a larger problem: However, Android Wear nominally supports round smartwatches, many surfaces are not matched to the circular display. In some cases, slightly cropped at the corners, sometimes is the text above or the information content is simply compressed lack of optimization of the complete situation. That is probably the price of the chic design be, for just applies to the Moto 360 does not "form follows function" - on the contrary. There is the part of the developers of the system and third-party software definitely still a need for action.

moto-360-test-watch face dimmed
The author's favorite Watchface in gedimmmten mode.

Let's talk about the supposed distinctive Achilles heel of the Moto 360: the battery. After the initial launch of the Smart Watch in October once the built-in energy storage has been identified as a "deal breaker". Compared with the competition, the 320 mAh act downright puny - even the first LG watch had been a 400 mAh large battery - with a presumably more efficient display and SoC. The first units confirmed the assessment that the Moto 360 was certainly no battery miracle. However, the developers at Motorola gradually managed to minimize the energy consumption of the watch via a software update. With the current software version of the Moto 360 brings its wearer with moderate use safely through the day - and that when the Ambient mode.

moto-360-test-screenshot-battery moto-360-test-screenshot-battery-2
Moto 360 is through with Ambient fashion one day without a pit stop.

With some voice commands, relatively large number of notifications and verbal responses and regular glances at the clock (time), the average energy consumption for active use at around 4 to 5 percent per hour. The run times were during the test period thus logically always 18 to 24 hours. If the ambient mode off, the hourly consumption drops to around 3 percent. This means, however, that the Moto 360 in both cases - needs to be recharged every day - like most smartphones. For the evaluation of the battery the way the app "Wear Battery Stats" was used. The battery life is truly not "state-of-the-art," but classified as satisfactory - if we seek at this point grades, which provides a smooth "3".

moto-360 test-watch wrist face-1
There are truly Watch Faces for everyone.

Insofar as the Moto 360 is able to meet its nominal basic task throughout the day reliable - namely display the time. When switched off Ambient mode, the Smart Watch, however, did not react at times when they are "led to face." That was in certain situations where no second hand was free to manually turn on the screen, a bit annoying - we recommend the Ambient mode or "screen in idle mode," as called the function in the Android Wear app, it always enabled to let - because the battery if the subsequent optimization software still takes part long enough.


The hardware of the Moto 360 interferes less in everyday life - from little too noisy vibration motor apart -, but the software can be a sometimes raise an eyebrow. It so happens, for example, Occasionally, eingesprochene replies to messages despite visual confirmation by a green check will not be sent. In general, the voice input can occasionally arise frustration, because the interpretation of the acoustic input is only right sluggish vonstatten. It is still attracting some screws to reach the masses with Android Wear - the course is set, the direction is right.

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There was this year hardly a gadget from the Android camp - on Apple we want to take at this point no consideration - which has experienced such a hype as the Moto 360. Since the announcement of the first round smartwatch lusted tech enthusiasts from around the world to the futuristic watch. As a result was almost predictable that Motorola the inflated expectations could not meet; Moto 360 is soberly considered, not without blemish, and far from the initially hoped penny!.


Nevertheless, the Moto 360, viewed from its best side, their charms. If you can overlook the sufficient but compared but tightly dimensioned with the competition of battery life, the somewhat slow processor, and sometimes sub-optimal representation on the not quite round display, it is quite possible to be happy with the SmartWatch. Because Motorola has also made something right, starting with the elegant design to support wireless Qi charging standard.

Smart Watches are still more gimmick as a "must-have" that the Moto 360 does not change. In the Moto 360 Motorola has taken the balancing act between stylish design and useful functionality and technical features - with success: The overall package is convincing and is in many ways as an enrichment for everyday life. Who wants something for the eye and is willing to boost its smart watch daily, can access safely at Moto 360th


  • Display: 5.4
  • Ergonomics: 4/5
  • Design and processing: 5/5
  • Software: 4.5
  • Battery: 3.5

Total: 4.5

Moto-360 Test Badge androidnext


  • High quality design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Useful extras (wireless charging, light sensor)


  • obsolete processor
  • Battery life mediocre
  • Software only partially adapted to circular screen

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