Windows 8.1: SkyDrive disable (now called ondrive)

Since Windows 8.1 SkyDrive is (since February 2014: OneDrive) an integral part of the system and is automatically installed on the hard disk. Disable or Uninstall is because not easily, so we show you how you can still turn off the cloud storage service.

Windows 8.1: SkyDrive disable (now called ondrive)

You have not before, SkyDrive or ondrive to use on your PC, the service more than good bother. After all, it is specified in each file dialog and is usually set as the default location. Do not worry, we show you how you can disable their SkyDrive.

disable SkyDrive: The way over the Registry

To get rid of SkyDrive, Microsoft has not got a home remedy available. To displace the cloud from your PC, you have to engage in the registry. Do you feel able to follow our advice, step by step, then should it however nothing can go wrong:

  1. skydrive deaktivieren_1_regeditMake your way over entering regedit in the Windows search box in the Registry Editor
    • Alternatively, you can also on the Run window Windows + R call and enter regedit
  2. Investigated here the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies Microsoft \ Windows \ Skydrive
  3. Right-click and create a new value of type DWORD (32-bit), which you DisableFileSync lists
  4. is open by double-clicking the value and Number Value 1 on
  5. Get in touch again with Windows 8.1 and SkyDrive is disabled

To manually SkyDrive back on, you have to simply delete the value DisableFileSync and you log back on to Windows.

skydrive-manual-remove-3895disable SkyDrive: At the end of the registry file should look like this

It is also possible, with a particular file names skydrive_off.reg that there are some places on the Internet for downloading to have to edit the registry with a few clicks. But we want to just mention this at this point because we already find manual entries to the registry critical enough.


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