use or disable Google Now Chrome on PC

Who uses Google Chrome as a PC browser, Google Now can use not only mobile devices but also to the PC. The information cards are available not only for mobile operating systems, but also for Windows, Mac and Linux. Here you learn how you can use on or off the PC Google Now Chrome.

use or disable Google Now Chrome on PC

Google Now Chrome - what it has to offer?

Google Now provides you among other things, current information about traffic, weather, sports results, to appointments and restaurant recommendations. These are based on your Google searches and your whereabouts.

How do I use the function?

You must be logged in to Chrome with your Google account. Click Windows in the system tray at the bottom right or at Mac in the menu bar at the top right bell Nicon to look at you the information.

Google Now location settings

Chrome appears on your PC a part of the Google Now cards that are displayed on your mobile device. Which cards are depends on your location. Now information Google will appear on your PC only for devices with activated location report.

Turn off Google Now in Chrome

If you want Google Now turn on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC, you must do the following:

  1. In Windows you click on your screen right, at Mac right on top of the bell Nicon to display the Notification Center.
  2. After that you click on to Windows in Notification Center right, at Mac top right of the gear icon.
  3. Then you uncheck the box next to "Google Now".

On the subject

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The Google Now cards based until recently exclusively on information from Google services. Now Google Now cards are created on the basis of information other apps :. More in the article Google Now displays information from third-party apps.


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