Windows 8: Media Center for free download now, including DVD players

Windows 8 can not play movie DVDs from home, in Europe the new operating system will be even delivered without the Windows Media Player. Retrofitting is the word: Until 31.1.2013 Microsoft offers Windows Media Center, including DVD codecs completely free.

Windows 8: Media Center for free download now, including DVD players

Microsoft wants people really get quickly to switch to Windows 8: In addition to the prize for the Pro upgrade * and the Windows Media Center is offered as a bargain until 31.1.2013. The music and video management and player software costs namely currently nothing from February then 9.99 euros.

How to get to the free Windows Media Center Pack:

1. Go to the Windows 8 features page from Microsoft.

2. Enter Under the second paragraph e-mail address, fill in the Captcha query and press behind the blue button to get the product key sent.

Request Key - Windows Media Center Pack

3. In the mailbox of the e-mail address, see also check the spam folder. The shipment of the product number may take up to 24 hours, according to Microsoft.

4. Go into Windows 8 on the Charmbar (right) &Search; # 8220&# 8221; Click. &Settings; # 8220&# 8221; select and after &# 8220; features&# 8221; search. Then left the point &Add features to Windows 8, 8220&# 8221; Select.

8 Windows add Media Player

5. Then, a Windows standard installation process where the product key from the e-mail must be entered to start. If you have accepted the Terms of Use, makes Windows 8 the rest.

After the automatic restart of the computer can then use the Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player, and also watch video DVDs in Windows 8th In addition to the native software of Microsoft, there are also freeware that manage and play media files and DVDs can not accept: the proven VLC player comes with its own DVD player license, the app Multimedia 8 (which we also in our list though) can not play movie DVDs, but all sorts of audio and video files have taken the recommended Windows 8 apps.


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