Contact Customer Service for Brands4Friends

If you want to Brands4Friends customer service contact, you should consider some things. Of course, we assist guests and the call is free. But much can you loose even read on the website.

Contact Customer Service for Brands4Friends

And it facilitates the work of support staff as well as the completion of our problems if we have previously picked us some data. At least his user name and date of the order you should have on hand. If you want to redeem a voucher Brands4Friends and thus has problems, customer service can not help normally.

How do I contact Customer Service Brands4Friends

In principle, the customer service at Brands4Friends is responsible for all aspects. So it does not matter whether you have a problem with the web site, try to log a complaint or even need a return label for a return because you do not have your own printer.

The fastest contact possibilities is certainly the telephone. The bus numbers are 0800 numbers, that is free. For Germany, this is call 0800 51 000 52. Please Austrians 0800 to 555,673. The phone is open from Monday to Friday from 7-20 pm. On weekends you can try it only by e-mail and then would also have to wait at least until Monday for an answer.

Brands4friends customer service form

If we are talking about the e-mail: A general address for the Brands4Friends customer service is [email protected] In case of complaint, there is equal [email protected] the special e-mail address.

In addition, at several points in the help section of an email, by which one can reach the customer service too. This is always helpful if you just can not make phone calls and not have a mail account.

When you can save the Brands4Friends customer service?

Needless to Contacting Customer Service Brands4Friends is always, if you can find yourself the solution actually. Experience shows that good is nothing to discuss with support staff on rebates, return or refund costs and damage to goods.

The main parameters to returns and complaints, we found on the help pages of the shop. Neatly sorted, there are answers to the most important questions. And in the Conditions (link at the bottom of the page) the rules are in the shop rules for shipping expense: Up to a value of 40 euros, the customer pays return shipping. Free shipping available at Brands4Friends only for certain packages.

The main contact for the customer service Brands4Friends

  • Telephone Germany: 0800 51 000 52 (free of charge, Monday to Friday, 7:00 to 20:00)
  • Telephone Austria: 0800 555 673 (free, Monday through Friday, 7:00 to 20:00)
  • E-mail Customer Service: [email protected]
  • E-mail complaints: [email protected]



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