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Apowersoft Android Recorder lets you show on your PC, record and save it as a video screen of your Android device.

If you want to record on PC Android tutorials, which can be quite complicated. There are some software with which you can translate the screen. But usually you will find there is no option to record. The Android recorders Apowersoft around 40 euros not cheap, but who uses as a function frequently, for this is worth it!

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Android Recorder Functions

The Apowersoft Android Recorder represents the entire screen of your Android phone or tablet on your computer screen. You see there so everything can be seen on the mobile phone display. So for example, the information bar or controls.

Android Recorder PCApowersoft Android Recorder brings the contents of the cell phone display on the monitor

Prerequisite for the functioning Android is version 5.0. Once a connection between your phone and PC is established, you see the contents of the display a window or optionally as a full screen display. There are various icons at the top of the window. With the first you can start recording a video. take a screenshot with the second. In the video formats you have the choice among the most popular codecs. Default is MP4, but you can also AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG, or even choose GIF. The size of the video is controlled by the selection of quality. The default setting is enough safe for most of you.

Android Recorder Options

Clever is a program setting which always presupposes the landscape mode for taking pictures of the cell phone camera. Finally, this format is the default on all desktop computers and TV sets.

Android Recorder Trial

It's a bit pity that the trial version of Android recorder has two limitations. First, it runs just 3 days from the day of installation. And while the screenshots &# 8220; clean&# 8221; are referenced in the video recordings thick that it is a trial version. One of the two would have been enough in my opinion.

The trial version of Android recorder stamps the video with a noteThe trial version of Android recorder stamps the video with a note


  • Simple type of connection between Android phone and PC
  • Good video quality
  • Many video formats
  • Also collects animated GIFs
  • Relative expensive
  • Trial with limitations
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