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Microsoft Edge is extremely slow for some users: pages require above average until they appear &# 8211; in some cases, the entry in the search bar of Windows 10 reacts browser only after considerable delay. In the following article we'll show you some suggestions in case the Microsoft Edge runs slowly.

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Microsoft Edge slowly: The Causes

Microsoft Edge is the new default browser in Windows 10 and the successor to the rather unloved Internet Explorer. Many users of Windows 10 appeared in the first impression pleasantly surprised by Microsoft Edge: The browser offers some useful features and cuts not bad compared with the top dogs from Google Chrome. Lest this also this article: Microsoft Edge: 11 Browser tips that everyone should know.

Microsoft Edge BannerThe new Internet browser Microsoft Edge convinced with chic surface and interesting features &# 8211; Unfortunately, it is extremely slow for many users.

Remains only one problem: Some users report that Microsoft Edge runs very slowly. Websites need is ever shown to all and also the entry of Internet addresses will only work with a noticeable delay. Problems with Edge can have several reasons: Maybe the cache Edge is wrong or lying on your system overall error, slow the Edge. In addition, Edge has problems with Java in some cases. We explain you how to fix each error and Edge help again on the jumps. In addition, you learn with us how you can install Microsoft Edge Adblock.

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Browser cache when Edge is slow

If Microsoft Edge is slow for you, you should first empty the browser cache. Perhaps data is stored here, which cause problems and slow down the browser. So you empty the browser cache in Edge:

  1. Opens Edge and click on the icon with the three points (top right) to open the settings.
  2. Then selects the menu item Settings (bottom of the context menu).
  3. Under the heading Clear browsing data you can find the button to be deleted Select Item &# 8211; click on it.

Delete Microsoft Edge browser data

Now you come into a new window where you can select which data should be deleted. Puts her in the list, tick the following menu items:

  • browser history
  • Cookies and stored website data
  • Cached data and files

Then you click on the shaded Delete button &# 8211; Edge then removes the selected data. Then closes the browser and restarts &# 8211; when Edge then is still slow, you should uninstall it and reinstall Java. More on this in the next section.

Windows 10 depends on - Causes and Solutions

uninstall Java and reinstall

Edge seems at this stage to have problems with Java. If Edge is slow, you should try to uninstall Java and then install the latest version new. It works like this:

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Programs menu.
  • then selects the option to uninstall the program.
  • In the following list you click on Java and then click Uninstall.

When you're done, you installed the latest version of Java. You can find them Runtime Environment download at the following link for Java. Then you Edge restarts and checks to see if everything works.

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Perform system check

As a last resort you can also once again perform a system check and repair Windows 10 &# 8211; may have common problems that also affect the browser and make sure that Edge is running slow. Power to do the following:

  1. Click right-click on the Windows button.
  2. the option selected from the Start menu prompt (administrator).
  3. Give a SFC / scannow command in the next window.

Windows System Search

Windows 10 searches then the system files on any mistakes and then corrects them automatically. then starts Microsoft Edge again and checks whether the speed has improved. Also read and what you can do when Microsoft Edge closes and crashes.

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