Dishonored 2: Find images – all the localities in the video

As dethroned avenger or paternal protector you have to do in Dishonored 2 some to whitewash the name of your family. In this way you can collect a lot of objects, such as images or even paintings.

This collector's item you already know from the predecessor of Dishonored 2. Do you have the images collected, you can not do much with it for now. Unlike the decorations for the ship, you never see them again. For that you would bring the paintings valuable money, what you can in turn invest in building plans, Mana, cure or ammunition. We show you in this guide to Dishonored 2, where you can find all pictures in the different chapters.

In this video we show you an example of painting from Chapter 2:

Dishonored 2: All pictures and paintings in the video

What you bring the pictures in Dishonored 2 at all? Your get not only a lot of money, but also get a Achievement, if you All paintings found have. Have you collected it, you need only 49 or 50 (PS4) Other Achievements and Trophies for the game.

The art of Dishonored 2 in a book*

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Obtain all collectable paintings

Are you spoiler matter, you can also pick the following video look at. The YouTuber HarryNinetyFour has summarized all the localities of the paintings in a video. Will you find halfway alone and needs only a rough direction in chapters the way but you should take a read the next section of this article.

Locations of the paintings in detail

Will you not let spoil you through the video and just needs a tip where you have to search for the paintings? Then you looked at the following table with the localities of images:

Chapter 1 "A long day in Dunwall"
Custis, Morgan and the postulated child
  • After ye escape from the shelter, you walk along a deserted hallway.
  • Keep your gaze always right.
The stupid arguments of Lady Boyle
  • Leave the Dunwall Tower and place yourselves to the streets below.
  • Addiction left to a step-on House (laboratory of Dr. Galvani).
  • In the space left is a guard and the image.
Chapter 2, "on the edge of the world"
The isometric view of the superintendent Thaddeus Campbell
  • Studied at the docks in the image.
  • The building recognizes her in a banner of Delilah.
  • Searches for the balcony below and enter him.
  • Now come to the lamppost and from him to the open door.
The Outsider in Conditional dreams
  • You start at the light wall behind you and turn you to the right.
  • Run the way up until you find a house with two supervisors.
  • Examined in the bathroom after the painting.
The Logic of the Vice Warden
  • You start again at the light wall and follows the channel.
  • Later you will find the neighborhood of the overseer.
  • Go into the building and walk to the third floor.
  • In the office of overseer you find the painting.
Hypatia projective views
  • Starts at the train station and walk left past him.
  • Look then to balconies around and jump over them until you can see a small lane on the left side.
  • Here is a house (Winslow's Safe-shop). In the room you will find a bar with a key. Get him and run up the stairs to the apartment.
  • Here is the last painting in the chapter.
Chapter 3, "The good woman doctor"
Duke Abeles propositional logic
  • Step into the Addermire Institute and the light wall examined.
  • The right of the passage depends the first image.
I see it in all its form
  • Learns the doctor know in Rekuperationsraum.
  • Examined in the hall to her office and looks over her desk.
Anton Sokolov substraktivem light
  • Starts at the elevator, which you now no longer needed.
  • Ride one last time up and walk right out.
  • Climb over the roof into the hatch and destroys the holders of the elevator.
  • now climbs into the bay to get to the cellar.
  • Once at the bottom, you should use the left corridor.
Chapter 4, "The nacelle"
Ramsey's eyes stochastic
  • Starts at the bottom Avantabezirk.
  • Once you gets out of the car, you have to look to the left.
  • Run to the guardhouse, climbs out and passes from here next to the house.
  • You can find the picture above the sofa.
The symmetry axis of the spymaster
  • Directly across from the first image is a small alley.
  • Run to the end of her and beams you on the small roof right.
  • Keep from here to an open window out and looking at the house after the painting.
Jindosh contemplates an odd counter
  • Starts at the top Avantabezirk and look for the light wall.
  • In the abandoned red building you must now search the second floor in the image.
The blood topology of the grim Alex
  • Is looking to find space next to Anton Sokolov afterwards.
Light along the inverse curve
  • Looking over the laboratory of Jindosh afterwards.
  • Drive for the elevator one floor further up, looking at the desk.
There he is, the craftsman
  • Remains in the building of the last paintings and embark in the second floor of the bedroom of Jindosh.
  • Searches for various levers and operates the side of the bed directly.
  • Run to the platform and stops it.
  • Is now on the other side down and move the lever again.
  • You are not in the bathroom, you should lever again press.
Chapter 5, "Imperial Conservatory"
Ashworth in Existenzialgraph
  • Run through the wall of light.
  • After that, you will find an abandoned building. Step into it and run upwards.
My flames burning in Breannas Mark
  • The image is located in the Office of Breanna.
Her heart, I bathed in poison
  • Starts at the archive and enters on archive keys.
  • Climb into the alcove opposite the screen door and paves you a way over the case and the rack.
Chapter 6 "The dust District"
Paolo and the unattainable cardinal
  • Starting in Crone's hands saloon and embark in the second floor.
  • Studied in Paolo's apartment afterwards.
Vera Moray and the affix their skin
  • This painting is located in the apartment of Paolo.
In times indiscreet to Aramis Stilton
  • After you've caught you, the key to the evidence room at the sleeping guards in the bedrooms, you walk right up in the building.
  • Climb out of the broken window and go right to the next window.
Chapter 7, "A crack in the facade"
The communicative rats and Weiner
  • In the present, you go right past the dining room.
  • is now in the past in the vault.
The quaternionic grunt of Torture Master
  • After you have collected in the past, the key to the kitchen, you will return to the present and goes out to the garden.
  • In the past, you have to destroy the balcony, in the presence of her climbs on him.
  • Move it on the shelves and go into the past, where their guards and the picture is.
Chapter 8
Daud and the Parabola of Lost Seasons
  • Before you arrive at the light wall in the Capital District, you should hold out with a windmill on a building.
  • Passes via the balcony in the bedroom.
My name on her lips
  • Starts at the Palace and embark in the third floor.
  • Studied in large office in the image.
Your face is my smile
  • Starts at the previous image and looks for the gallery.
  • You can find the picture on the piano.
Chapter 9
  • Enter not yet the Dunwall Tower, but goes back to the gazebo.
  • Now seeks the court and the painting here, guarded by dogs.


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