So her name and icon changes an Android app

Sometimes the name or the icon of an app is not properly selected. If you then have a jungle full of applications on their device it can happen then, that one wonders what it now is with a specific application. But also for a uniform appearance standardized icons and catchy names would be useful. One can have, where you used APK Edit.

So her name and icon changes an Android app

This is a small tool with which you can change the name and the application screen of an app. It is a Windows program and requires Java and .Net Framework 3.5, so you can get started. However, we must point out that tampering with an APK is legal only in self-developed Android applications or approval by the Developer you.

Download APK Edit v0.4e
download Java
Download .Net Framework 3.5

If you already have the .Net 3.5 Framework and Java on your PC you can skip these points. To find out if you have the necessary framework that invites you downloaded this tool. This shows you of your installed versions. It should look like this.


So her name and icon changes an Android app

Alternatively, you can dig you also through your hard drive and see if in

C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework

there is a folder v3.5. Your version of Java you have to not check, because the above Java download already includes a review. If the page tells you your Java is up to date, you need to download and nothing more. Now you have the APK Edit unpack folder. Now click on the program.

So her name and icon changes an Android app

You will be prompted to specify the file path to Java.exe. This is in

C: \ Program am (x86) \ Java \ jre6 \

So her name and icon changes an Android app

Click the to program. That you may have already set up APK Edit done. The Java file no longer need her at the first program start choose then. Now you can any Android program (ending * .apk) Search and edit it. If you have called an APK file that looks like this.

So her name and icon changes an Android app

You can now simply on one of three icons click above the phones and replace it with another. Also you can change the name. Do not worry: This will create a backup, and you can restore the original settings if you do not like your results. The image files must be in PNG format. The size is automatically adjusted.

In the Details tab you additional information about the app can receive, such as the version number and the permissions. Furthermore, you can view the different languages ​​of the program in Edit Translations.

The language can even manually change and install additional translations. In Settings you will receive information to APKTool version and can turn the log function. Attention to the program I was in the forum of xda-developers.

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