Clash of Clans Witch: Mighty ruler of the undead

You can summon the fallen fighters of past battles and cause massive damage with their reanimated skeletons: The witch in Clash of Clans, the barbaric strategy game for mobile devices, comes the dark barracks and can troops of the land and the skies with their skeletons alike trouble do. All details about the Clash of Clans Witch gets here.

Clash of Clans Witch: Mighty ruler of the undead

not to see them as zombie-like from the witch would visually strongly reminiscent of the unity of the archers. It produces surface damage and this both in the air and on the ground, they have brought rattling racks focus on targets on the ground. It requires quite a bit of dark elixir and currently offers straightforward upgrade path. This may change once, as in the wars in Clash of Clans it is brought thoroughly with increasing enthusiasm used.

Clash of Clans Witch: strategy tips and expansion stages

The witch is used in most cases as support for other troops, but there are already plenty of examples where it's players managed to destroy only with witches an overall basis.

  • One of the strongest attacks of the witch is summoning their skeletons. How many is this, is determined by the level: At level one are the every six seconds three skeletons at level two already every six seconds four skeletons &# 8211; maximum can command two eight undead witch on a level.
  • Defenses with splash damage to the Clash of Clans-hexene with their fairly low life points quickly become very dangerous. In general, they are therefore taken as support for other troops.
Clash of Clans WitchClash of Clans Witch: &# 8220; We need more barbarians!&# 8221;
  • Often some giants and barbarians are exposed deflecting and defeating the defenses on the battlefield. Later, the witch can then raise up the fallen again and the skeletons overrun the village.
  • Witches and the Clan Castle: Are they in your own clan castle you should this wall so that the witches do not immediately rush at the first flash spell of the enemy and destroyed. Takes her to it, you should kill them quickly with a lightning spell, that ye be not overrun by the skeletons.


LevelLaboratory Leveldurationdevelopment costsdamagehit pointscosts
1---25 / s75250 Dark Elixir
2710 days75,000 Dark Elixir30 / s100350 Dark elixir
1739Clash of Clans in real-life appearance

 With us you also learn how to play on PC Clash of Clans.

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