Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: The Muslim superhero & amp; the mysterious evil

A different hero cast of "DC&# 8217; s Legends of Tomorrow "will soon return for a third round. As we now know, expect some familiar opponents, more reinterpretations of classic heroes of the DC universe, something mysterious evil. All information, news and rumors about Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 we summarize for you at this point.

In the US, it is according to The CW already on October 10, 2017 With Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 continue. Executive Producer Phil Klemmer and Marc Guggenheim have already left some details about the new season fall: among other things, that it is something fantastic and evil this time does not wait in human form on the superhero squad. At Comic-Con in San Diego the US channel has now also released the first trailer for the new season.

372Legends of Tomorrow - Comic-Con Trailer 2017 (The CW)

Legends of Tomorrow - plot of Season 3 (spoiler!)

In Season 3, supernatural powers of superheroes troops should stand in the way - of course it will also again be one or the other tangible slugfest. Instead of the motley troupe villain, to lurk "something else" in Season 3 as Klemmer gegnüber IGN states

At the head of the evil organization is something else. Last year there were three character from three different series that formed an alliance. This time it's a non-human beings. [...] This season there is a much more natural than - almost creepy atmosphere. We work more with magic. There are less real-world villains.

As a henchman of previously unknown system including the huge Gorilla Grodd, who will return to a more advanced form of acts:

It will be after the events of Gorilla Grodd City. The Legends are here to learn more of Grodds sympahischer and sad predicament and at least one of the Legend will take the bait.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Cover© The CW / DC Comics


Also, unlike Darhk not yet made his last breath common knowledge as Marc Guggenheim explains:

Damien Darhk is - similar Thawne the boss on the Legion of Doom was - be a kind of leader for the group. [...] We'll get him back in a fun way, but also fits into the mythology of the season.

In Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 it is to take the time to anomalies anachronisms go. So certain figures of world history will appear at times and places they do not belong, what the bad guys exploit for their own purposes. As an example, Helena was called by Troy, who suddenly appears in the Hollywood of the 40s and instigates a war of studios. Here should pay the controversial question of whether the hero force could not be used for the benefit of world history anachronisms.

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Reinterpretation of Isis - Muslim hacktivist-superhero

ISIS dccomics Eddy Barrows Keith GiffenIsis in the 52 comic books // © DC Comics / Eddy Barrows / Keith Giffen

As you can read on the official site of DC Comics, the crew of the Wave Rider is extended by a new character in Season 3, the comic fans may already know: Zari Adrianna Tomaz. In the comic universe Adrianna Tomaz is also under her superhero name Isis known. However, these are again to a new interpretation of the character. From the high school instructor here about the Egyptian refugee woman who both got their powers by an ancient Egyptian amulet up to the goddess Isis herself who had the superhero has a lot of background stories in various DC universes. In Legends of Tomorrow they will be shown as a Muslim Hacktivistin how explain the series producer:

[...] Zari is a mulimische US citizen from the year 2030, who lives in a world of contradictions. Technology has provided in its future incredible changes - too bad, however, that people could not keep up. Fear, prejudice and lack of care for the planet have Zari to gewzungen a Gray-hat hacktivist to be. A computer nerd with a slightly quirky, combative attitude.

Also Zari is intended to maintain their super powers by an ancient, mystical source. The character is played by Iranian actress Tala Ashe (American Odyssey, Smash). Even if the original character was named after the Egyptian goddess, the Muslim superhero is - in the series probably not accept the hero named Isis - for obvious reasons.

Episode list

episodeoriginal titleGerman titleOriginal (USA)
1 (34)Aruba-ConTBAOctober 10, 2017
2 (35)Freakshow-October 17, 2017
3 (36)Zari-TBA
4 (37)TBA--
5 (38)---
6 (39)---
7 (40)---
8 (41)---
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Image Sources: The CW, DC Comics, Eddy Barrows, Keith Giffen


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