Windows 10: convert speech to text – how it works

To transform earlier speech to text, you have taken to a secretary. Today there are for this purpose software. Windows 10 has a speech recognition with which you can even dictate.

Windows 10: convert speech to text - important's

Before looking for a way with which can convert speech to text, you should consider the purpose for which that happens. Who ever speaks, for example, his ideas, comments and notes into his cell phone or a voice recorder, which needs something often and for a special speech-to-text software is worth. For small notes is as worthwhile the mobile phone voice input via Google.

Language convert to text using the Windows 10 speech recognition

output texts as language is a feature that is included in Windows to help visually impaired users. But that's also relatively easy. The text is clear and must only be converted into corresponding syllables and words. Conversely, that's more difficult. A system that wants to convert speech into text, for example, must dominate dialects. It needs to understand Nuschler and cope with different language speeds. Microsoft's backup-Siri, Cortana, dominates the voice recognition - but also must learn.

A speech-to-text-windows-10

The Windows 10 speech recognition can not only be used to control the computer. In fact, she is also able to convert your speech to text. Windows 10 thus has a built in voice recorder. So that works out, various conditions must be met. You need a microphone and you have to set it up. In addition, you should train the voice recognition. Several preset phrases are spoken into the microphone. The system can be adapted to your pronunciation and your rhythm of speech.

Windows 10 Using voice recognition

If you want to convert to Windows 10 speech to text and save it as a file, then opens to speech recognition. From the Start menu you find them under Control Panel - speech recognition. Optionally, you can also Search window on the Start menu use.

A speech-to-text-windows-10-spracherkennung.jpg

Actually, the speech recognition is to be used primarily to control the computer. The usable commands to be found here. But as soon as your cursor is in a window that can hold text, the spoken words are converted to text. You will see a small window in which the spoken text is. You can then paste it with a click in your text window.


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Of course, the system is not immediately perfect, but it already works surprisingly well. Windows now has a feature for which you formerly had to spend a lot of money. Dealing with punctuation in the dictated text works very well. However, the speech recognition dominates no grammar rules. Therefore (see picture above) continued to write after a comma ever great.

It is possible by the way - then you are asked in the establishment - that Windows documents and e-mails reviewed to improve the accuracy. Think about yourself if you want that. Speech recognition can automatically start their desired at boot time. In addition, they can either start by pressing a button or by voice activation.


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