Junkyard Simulator 2011

Who has always been more about the &# 8220; dirty&# 8221; learn business, but did not want to spend his entire life in a junkyard, can easily operate with said junkyard Simulator 2011 by NBG EDV his own junkyard &# 8211; virtually, of course.

Junkyard Simulator 2011

For this different kind of entertainment, but it requires a lot of discipline. The custom car recycling plant will be managed at last. Always revenues and expenditures must be kept in mind so that the business is also flourishing. Finally, you want to expand and you set new vehicles and machines.

And that's worth it! All vehicles of any kind in the junkyard can be controlled itself. Whether you pile up even with the excavator a few parts or want equal relocate an entire chassis with a crane. The scrap press, the shredder and the melt can be operated by hand &# 8211; and completely realistic. Since childhood dreams of Pariah come true.

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Junkyard Simulator 2011

Optical makes her the junkyard Simulator 2011 thanks to 3D graphics, loving details and the right junkyard atmosphere a lot. However, it shows that the developers not as much budget was available when one finds, for example, supposedly cast-in cars on his junkyard.

Overall, the junkyard Simulator 2011 makes a solid impression. Thanks to the countless possibilities in terms of vehicle choice and their utilization, as well as the sophisticated economic part, and the long-term fun is right.

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