Xbox One: Microsoft has presented EA Access memberships!

The Xbox One-exclusive EA Access service offers those who like EA Games Play some significant advantages. In order to bring this also closer to the players, Microsoft seems to have currently begun to give away free memberships.

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we can say what we want, but EA Access is actually a really good service from the Xbox One and EA. With the subscription, which is already having a month from 4 euros, you can all EA games earlier, before you can buy the shares and all the DLC with a 10 percent discount. Or are you waiting until it is added to the Vault. This is a collection of currently 15 games that can be played at no additional cost. Included are, for example, FIFA 15, Battlefield Hardline Battlefield 4, Need for Speed ​​Rivals and titanium case. but currently the most interesting, the service is likely to be for those who can hardly await the release of Star Wars Battlefront yet. Already on Thursday EA Access subscribers can in fact play at no cost, pre-orders or other obstacles whopping 10 hours Star Wars Battlefront.


Apparently, this is also the reason for an action by Microsoft, from just a few Xbox Live users from North America report. Accordingly, the American software group being given away monthly memberships for EA Access. The players say they have received a code for a free month with EA Access, which is definitely enough to spend 10 hours on the developed by DICE shooter and the game in connection for just under 63 euros in Xbox Live Store to to buy. Bargain hunters who have no interest in a longer membership, may as well just buy the Season Pass for only 45 euros to do so. You get so virtually even given another 12 euros.

Microsoft or EA seem to have not yet ruled on the issue. Thus, it is unclear to what extent this action was carried out and whether, as in Europe supplied with free codes. What is certain, if you have been given no EA Access Code, 4 euros per month or 25 euros per year are certainly not the great obstacle.

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