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So your plants will not only dry to looking after the OpenOffice download letters accumulations, it is advisable to insert one or the other image, either as an individual image or a clip art collection. At clipart is images that are ideal to use these documents in the illustration. Most of these are held in comic style and are used for the visual enrichment as homepages, flyers or the like.

Individual clipart in OpenOffice can as well add another graphics as well. Select "Insert Insert image from file" to at a point at which the image is to be pasted on. Do you have a large collection of clipart for OpenOffice are on the computer, OpenOffice also offers the ability to manage them in a Gallery.

Sun can be inserted with a Gallery in OpenOffice clipart

Search this the "Tools" menu and open the gallery. In the new window, select "New Topic" one. Give the collection a suitable name. In the Files can now collect the clipart files for OpenOffice. Search "Search files" on the folder that contains the collection. Are your clipart spread across multiple folders on the computer, you can of course select each folder separately and thus establish a central repository of your clipart in OpenOffice from the scattered Clipartsammlung. If you have culled all the clipart to this topic, click on "Add All". Confirm you are in the next step all clipart in OpenOffice available with "OK".

OpenOffice clipart screenshotUse to upgrade to OpenOffice clipart your documents visually

increase the Clipart Collection in OpenOffice by Extensions

To use the clipart from the Gallery into OpenOffice, you can drag the pictures just with the left mouse button in your document. Now you can the pasted image to the boundary markers in the margin even smaller, or larger, add a caption and adjust the image to match the text.

Clipart collections on the "Extension Manager" in OpenOffice can be more easily integrated. You must have available the appropriate collection in .oxt format on the hard drive. Now select "Tools" the "Extension Manager". In the new window, select "Add" and locate the appropriate collection of clipart on your hard drive out. Now you can expand with numerous pictures your OpenOffice Clipartsammlung in a few steps.

OpenOffice clipart screenshotClipart can be added as an extension in OpenOffice

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