MacGyver: US launch today – is the series also in the German TV?

A hero of our childhood actually returns to the screen: CBS brings the cult TV series from today back to the program! In the trailer you can admire the new main protagonists in Germany. When and if the series manages to our continent is not yet clear. 

In this Preview CBS shows up the new hero: You know his methods &# 8211; you know his name, but&# 8230;

And here's the trailer for the premiere:

1564MacGyver CBS trailer

He gave the word crafting a whole new meaning &# 8211; MacGyver knew how to practically implement the science and that made much of its charm and fascination of the series from. 2002 there were ever a pilot project for a remake of MacGyver, but then, no station was allowed to warm it. But now the time for a reboot of MacGyver has come and we find it will be interesting what comes out.

MacGyver: CBS starts today with the new series

The trend is towards remakes and revivals from the 80s. New editions are also planned by the A-Team, Hart to Hart and Full House. Now MacGyver is still added. The new MacGyver series, however, is not planned as a continuation of the old production with Richard Dean Anderson in the lead role, but should rather take the youth of the well-known problem solver under the microscope. Your are therefore learn how MacGyver came to his brilliant skills.

MacGyver in the total box - all consequences for home*

For James Wan (Saw & Fast and Furious), the project is apparently a matter of the heart, for he has been trying for a long time to land with a new edition &# 8211; He will direct the film the pilot episode. After long puzzled over who will take the leading role of the young MacGyver, also are now certain. As you can see in the above trailer, the choice fell on Lucas Till (25) from X-Men.

macgyver new hero in 2016Screenshot via CBS trailer

The young Angus MacGyver is in the series of a secret organization &# 8211; Phoenix Foundation for Research, which already plays a role in the original series &# 8211; recruited where it dissolves in a very unconventional way the accompanying problems. R. Scott Gemmill (NCIS &# 8211; Los Angeles) will write the script and also be involved as a producer.

MacGyver comes in 2016 to Germany?

The series from the 80s also ran in Germany with great success and certainly there are in this country still plenty of nostalgia that would also give the new series with pleasure a chance. It can be assumed with certainty that it licenses in Germany (VoD & Free TV) will be, but it is not yet known. We actually believed that closer to is known to the US premiere, but this is not yet the case. We'll keep you but to date.

Images: Screenshots via CBS trailer


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