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For some time now provides the VLC Media Player Download as in Blu-ray player. What to make of it, given the Blu-ray encryptions? Does it make any sense to use the VLC to and what steps you have to if necessary. Take to play its coded Bluray

VLC media player, Blu-ray and the missing codec

Even when playing encrypted DVDs, there was a problem and to date the VLC Media Player works only with relatively primitive encrypted in CSS DVDs. Legally, this circumvention of copy protection in Germany itself is technically illegal.

You might also be indifferent to the manufacturers of DVDs, because nothing speaks against it is to watch a DVD with his favorite player. Were it not for the ability to save the stream to a slice as a movie on the hard disk.

Accordingly Blurays therefore are still encrypted and constantly create new encryptions are added.

VLC Media Player Bluray |

Although the VLC Media Player offers to open Blurays, but the codec for playing often missing

So even if to open ourselves to the VLC Media Player offers Blu-ray discs, we will not come in the end, and an error message such as &# 8220; VLC the MRL can dvd: // E: not open&# 8221; get stuck. In that case, we can still try a lot, but the result is likely to remain the same: We have a Bluray and can not in our favorite players play them.

tricking the VLC Media Player to play AACS protected Bluray yet

If you have Blurayfilme encoded with copy protection AACS, so you can try to expand the VLC Media Player for this codec. There are actually sites on the Internet where you can download the appropriate driver for the VLC Media Player &# 8211; Google helps.

But what comes out is quite sad. Although about the movie is actually played, but for high-quality sound &# 8211; about DTS-HD &# 8211; you need a new codec again. The additional features of the Blu-ray also do not work &# 8211; because the required codec is missing.


None of the commercial or free tools to rebuild the VLC media player into a Blu-ray machine finally works really well. In this case, we just have to resort to another player and without the VLC.


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