Arrested Development: What about season 5?

If one looks for funny series, one can not ignore "Arrested Development". From 2003 to 2006 FOX produced three seasons before Netflix the story of the family Bluth 2013 further told. Since the 68th and final episode it is, however, become quiet. What about the fifth season of Arrested Development? Come still new episodes?

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Although Michael Bluth and Co. are currently in a longer break, fans can look forward to new episodes. Season 5 is officially confirmed.

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Arrested Development: Season 5 is definitely

Until there are new episodes to series fans, however, have to wait a few more months. Production shifted again by the filled schedule of the series actor.

  • With a release of Arrested Development Season 5 is therefore to be expected until the 2018th
  • Already in 2015 a continuation of Executive Producer Brianza Grazer was confirmed. Angedacht were 17 new episodes. Whether it will really be so many new episodes, is not known.
  • Tony Hale gave information about the delayed production of new episodes in an interview with "Huffington Post". So it is extremely difficult to get all the key actors at the same time to a place. In the fourth season were scenes in which all family members could be seen simultaneously sown sparingly.
  • The individual episodes of Comeback Season focused much on single figures. For the next episodes you want to change that and make the entire family can enjoy to the fore again.

TV Line According to the fifth season in large parts show the history of the previous series events.

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Arrested Development: Start of Season 5 is delayed

Hale indicates that all major actors could be won for the fifth row. Thus, there is a reunion with Jason Bateman, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett and Co. Now only the schedules for common shooting must be matched.

A date for the start of rotation or even a release date for the new episodes there is not. Between the last and the next, new season, will then be a full five years. The new episodes will be on display at Netflix.


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