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Mozilla Firefox Aurora is a preliminary version of the browser that contains features that are not present in the beta and final version.

Mozilla Firefox is still the most popular web browser for their outstanding properties such as speed, reliability and comprehensive extensibility. However, there is the browser not only in its final version, there are also preliminary expenses such as Firefox Beta or offered here for download Mozilla Firefox Aurora.

auprobieren upcoming features with the Mozilla Firefox Aurora Download

In Mozilla Firefox Aurora is a preliminary version of Firefox, which already contains features that are not included in either the final- still in beta version and only be retrofitted with these in future editions. So perfect to try out new features that Mozilla has already been integrated into the Aurora version prior to their integration into the final before.

Exclusive features of Mozilla Firefox Aurora

The Mozilla Firefox Aurora Download is currently available in version 28 and has the following features that are not yet included in the beta and final version: There is a support for VP9 vidoes, also the development of the Gamepad API has been completed and the interface integrated into the browser. In audio and video files that have been integrated by HTML5 in websites, the volume can be controlled now and there in the Mozilla Firefox Aurora Download a backup of Opus in WebM.

The Mozilla Firefox Aurora Home

Furthermore, the object was changed navigator.plugins, resulting in improved privacy of the Firefox user's result. There are also some changes that affects developers.

Mozilla Firefox Aurora is not yet stable

Mozilla Firefox Aurora is ideal for taking upcoming features in Mozilla Firefox already under the microscope, however, the preliminary issue is not yet stable. Who does not want to accept, uses better back to the beta or the completely stable final output.


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