RHA MA600i review: Schicker in-ear headphones with strengths and weaknesses

The RHA MA600i is an interesting in-ear headphones from the central region, on the one hand great strengths, but on the other hand also has a few weaknesses. What exactly is, learn it in the following review.

RHA MA600i review: Schicker in-ear headphones with strengths and weaknesses

The company RHA is many perhaps not household names, this should change, however, because the company offers some very interesting headphones from different price segments, both see themselves as can also be heard.

After I've also tested the extremely favorable and for very good RHA MA150 (this only costs about 15 euros), is another model off today. We are talking about RHA 600i. So you also know what the headset has to offer anything here, first the technical specifications:

RHA MA600i: Datasheet

  • driver: 320.1 dynamically
  • frequency response: 16Hz-22kHz
  • impedance: 16 ohms
  • Maximum Performance: 1 / 5mW
  • sensitivity: 100dB
  • cable length: 1.35 meters (oxygen free copper cable
  • 3-button inline remote with 360 ° microphone
  • 8 pairs of dual-density earplugs
  • 90 degrees, gilt 3 mm plug
  • Impact-resistant carrying case

RHA MA600i: The design

As always with my headphones tests, I like to begin with the design. Most notable on MA600i the use of aluminum is likely to be. As explained on the package, these are not just any aluminum, but "flight-grade aluminum". Why this is supposed to be so great I do not know, but it sounds definitely great about. The rest of the headphone housing is made of plastic.


Gallery RHA MA600i

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But not only on the headphones, but also on the remote control and the merging of the two cables to the light metal will again. Speaking of cables: A further characteristic is the oxygen-free copper, which is provided with a transparent protective cover.

Overall, the design is rather cool / technical and the target group should above all be men, I personally like the design very well. With the embossed logo on the sides of the earphones RHA makes unerringly clear which company these headphones comes, yet without being too intrusive.

Very handy, I find the included clip, which can be clamped to the cable so that you can attach to his clothing this then.

RHA MA6001: The sound

From design then directly to the sound, the most important characteristic of a headphone. And unfortunately I see here the greater weakness of the RHA MA600i because balanced is something else. Although, these are "only" a headset of the middle class, yet are just under 70 euros already an announcement from the one sound some may expect.

But what bothers me exactly? Well, all in all the MA600i is just too bassy me. I can hear also some times bassy music (trap, Rap, Dubstep sick), but to me a balanced sound is very important. The MA600i is extremely generous with the low frequencies, but unfortunately this is at the expense of the middle and treble. So songs often seem rather dull, nuances are rapidly lost something and important nuances in songs are sometimes difficult or impossible to hear. Even the readjustment with an equalizer turns out to be relatively complicated and less successful. Unfortunately.

Slightly better the MA600i cuts to the effect in the field of external noise isolation, especially the double flange ear tips make here a good job. Although one may expect no shielding à la noise canceling headphones, but who is traveling a lot by bus and train (or pilots), we appreciate the MA600i.

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