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H1Z1 - King of the Kill: All weapons compared and detail

Victoria Scholzon 19/04/2017 at 12:50

In order to H1Z1: to win King of the Kill, of course, you need the right tool. In Battle Royale, the weapon is called. In the game you will find the shooting iron in many different shapes and colors. Using different skins you can spice them even.

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Without weapons you will in H1Z1: King of the Kill not survive long. It shows you probably at the latest when it lands next to an enemy and he quickly found a gun than you. Then it is for you namely: &# 8220; re back in the queue&# 8220 ;, can continue to play cheerful while the opponent. So that you are well prepared, you should look at you every weapon and try a lot. Of course, you should decide primarily on taste, which mitnehmt three weapons it. Can you start anything with a shooting iron, it brings you nothing. Table of Contents:

  • melee weapons
  • guns
  • rifles
  • shotgun
  • arc
  • grenades

What weapon is the best?

This question can not easily be answered. In H1Z1: King of the Kill, there is very little indeed weapons, but there is here strongly on your taste. Uses definitely your three slots to To be prepared for any situation. If you opponent just opposite, you'd better switch to the shotgun. On medium distance, the AR-15 offers, while you should rather rely on the AK-47 to further distance.

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There are some players who place a weapon of the same type on two slots. you like for example, the AK-47 better than the AR, you can this on slot 1 and 2 set (assuming you can find two AKs). Provides ye now a shooting duel and definitely need to reload, Simply change her instead the slot. So you can respond faster. Before you get into a vehicle, you should reload it your weapons. Indeed, it is not possible to shoot and reload while driving.

Picture sources: YouTube video of ArtemPL

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