Dark Souls 3 – Top 10 items for the start

Which 10 items are the best for the beginning of Dark Souls 3? Opinions here apart determined and some Dark Souls veterans will know exactly their favorites. Due to the high degree of difficulty, holds Dark Souls 3 already many challenges. We provide all beginners and experts 10 good items for the launch, which let you survive the first adventure better.

Dark Souls 3 - Top 10 items for the start

In Dark Souls 3 you will find a lot of articles whose purpose is you are not directly clear at the beginning of the game. The descriptions of the items are a bit mysterious and let a few question marks hanging in the air. You can use our comment function to provide further incentives. We ask you first of 10 items before and hope that they will help you.

689Dark Souls 3: IntroDark Souls 3 &# 8211; The 10 best and most helpful items for the start

You turn your journey through the dark world of Dark Souls 3 starts, you can barely collect enough items to strengthen you. Lest with us, which are particularly helpful and where it gets it.

Estus shards

With Estus flacons can you heal. At the beginning of the story you own only a few of them and you will also find new ones. However, you can with the Estus shards perform additional bottles with you. Lest this our guide to the localities of Estus shards.

Undead bone fragments

These bone chips you can watch the strengthen beacon, which at the same time your Estus flacons be improved. So it's not just about having as many bottles in the inventory, but also to improve their strength. The undead bone-splitting count through its support to the ten best items in the game. Overall, there are ten of these Splitter in the game. Their discovery sites found in our undead bone fragments Guide.

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The blade is very versatile. If it is properly amplified, you think a all-rounder in the hands. Think about, want to incorporate their well what gems. The broadsword is definitely a good companion through all areas of Dark Souls 3 if you adapt it to your style of play.

Silver Eagle long pointed shield

This sign is on the High wall of Lothric and thus relatively early to see the game. Its peculiarity is that he 100% physical harm reduction can offer. So he offers you complete protection thus is a valuable item from the physical attacks of your opponents and. but ensures that blocking you endurance costs. Decreases the green bar to zero, you will lose health in spite of the block. So Do not rely only on the strong shield, but makes sure that you have enough evades. If you early in the game to Knight selects, you get the shield immediately.

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With a little more distance you can in Dark Souls 3 minutes, some survive longer. You have the bow tactical skills and can separate from each opponent. Also, you can easily damage to this Item &8220; hard-accessible&# 8221; opponents cause as a dragon. Even the arch can be found in High wall of Lothric. Later you will have more weapons of this type find, but at the beginning you can rely on for a while the long bow.



This slow Greatsword is another very useful item you in High wall of Lothric can find. You can find the item with the dragon and it's a must if you a tank should play.

White symbol soapstone

An essential item for the co-op. Without it, you will the dark spirits always stand alone against. Get your So a friend aside and fought together the darkness.

white symbol soapstone

Eid: The Blue Path

The Blue Guardian can you also fight the dark spirits support. These are players who are against the Invader can compete and brought into your world once it has been entered by a sinister spirit. Especially at the beginning, we recommend you take this oath, that you does not stand alone. For more information about the oaths and their meanings, we recommend you our guide to the localities of oaths. Also, for you we have a nostalgic view of the oaths in Dark Souls. 1

Chloranthie Ring

endurance is one of the most important values ​​in Dark Souls 3. Your needs them for attack, defense and evasive action. You can get into situations in which the remaining endurance determines victory or death. With the Chloranthie Ring can be regenerated her your endurance much faster. Thus, this ring is not only an important subject at the beginning of the game, but for the entire course. You can find him in the Undead settlement Find.


Silver snake ring

This ring is quite expensive, but you should get hold of him as soon as her about 20,000 souls features. Of course this is not a traditional item for a start in Dark Souls 3, but if you are adept at saving, a safe bet.

Go for this purpose Shrine Maiden and buys the tower key with which her Bell Tower in fire blight Shrine can enter where her Silver snake ring place. Have you created this, you will more souls for killing enemies receive.

For more information about the opponents in Dark Souls 3 we recommend to you our all creatures and monsters Guide.

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