Snapchat Locked: Account locked – so you come back inside!

If you're a fugitive at Snapchat's Terms of Service, sooner or later your Snapchat account is locked (locked Snapchat). We show how you can again unlock.


  • Snapchat Locked
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Snapchat Locked: The account has been blocked

Snapchat message: Your account has been blocked.Snapchat message: Your account has been blocked.

If your Snapchat account has been blocked, you received a message about it in general. There is then, for example, it:

&Ups; # 8220! Oh no! Your account has been disabled due to repeated use of third-party apps.&# 8221;

If it is not clear why you have been banned, we have summarized the most common reasons and causes. Under you can learn more about it.

On your phone the whole can look like this. Then clicks on the displayed below unlock button.

Locked message on the smartphone. Source: www.idigitaltimes.comLocked message on the smartphone. Source:

unlock account again*

Reasons for the lock

  1. You have a third-party app with your Snapchat account used.
    Actually Snapchat was created with the function that photos can be view only a limited time and will be deleted afterwards. Third-party apps allow you to permanently store also among other videos and pictures. However, can you also violated quite easily against the terms of use. Also provides access via a third party also usually a security risk.
    unlock: If you use these apps, you can uninstall it and then try to access the official Snapchat app on your account. Those who continue to use third-party apps can not unlock his account later in circumstances.
  2. Too much spam
    If you Snapchat users send many messages in short intervals and your receiver report it as spam, your account can also be blocked. So make whom you send what and whether the person such messages is ever interesting.
  3. Too much Adden
    Even if you added in a short time a lot of new users, your account can be closed. This is especially true that you turn your cell phone number / e-mail address have not yet been confirmed.
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unlock account again

A Snapchat account can be locked in 3 ways:

  • Provisionally locked: Your account will be unlocked automatically after a period of time.
  • Suspended: Your account is frozen and an action is needed.
  • Permanently locked: Your account can not unlock in the case.

To unlock your account, you should first find out why he was barred:

  • Make sure to read the Snapchat terms of use and checks that you have violated it.
  • If your account has been suspended without time limit, you can unlock a special unlock website your account again. but does so only after you have eliminated the causes of your violations. These include third-party apps, plug-ins and your behavior within Snapchat.

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