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You want people with multiple private or professional meeting hold with a tool that offers perhaps more than Skype? With Webinar software video conferencing, including the transmission of your screen, of transmitting many information and of course telephony are possible. We show you three recommended tools.

Webinar software - from simple to professional

3 recommended tools - Webinar Software

Most manufacturers of webinar programs offer free or low-cost on to quite costly solutions. The simpler tools are often sufficient for smaller meetings without special claims. Communicating via webcam *3 recommended tools - Webinar Software, Microphone*3 recommended tools - Webinar Software or headset *3 recommended tools - Webinar Software and text as well as the sharing of one's own desktop can be done with them. With the more expensive variants a higher number of participants and the use of numerous features are possible beyond.

1. Meeting Burner

Meeting Burner provides various sources variants. For the use you need an account and quite tidy program that works on both Windows and Mac computers. Setup is the moderator only a few minutes.

The essential features of the free version Meeting Burner Free:

  • up to 10 subscriber
  • Show the screen for all participants
  • Audio transmission via telephone and computer
  • Video streaming of the host

Meeting Burner Pro costs $ 39.95 per month and will include the following additional options:

  • up to 50 subscriber
  • Recording of meetings
  • Voice over IP (VOIP)

the variant Meeting Burner Premier for $ 99.95 per month holdings include these further options available:

  • up to 1,000 participants
  • Meeting analyzes
  • automatic SMS Reminder

Both the free version and the other versions offer you, of course some more features. Here you can over you informed on the meeting Burner website in detail.

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