Quiz: Test your Simpsons knowledge!

For more than 25 years rejoice &# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; with its anarchic humor on television and are still not tired. Our new quiz now you can test your knowledge of the cult residents Springfields.

Quiz: Test your Simpsons knowledge!

&# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; already enrich the landscape series worldwide since 1989th From Matt Groening once conceived as a parody of the American way of life, the series still works as a mix of subversive humor and slapstick. The ignorant simpleton Homer, his loyal caring wife Marge and children Bart, Lisa and Maggie are to be admired almost daily on TV and have it taken so far to more than 500 episodes.

Starting with the ever-changing Couchgag to up the numerous guest appearances of prominent actors and musicians each episode has many laughs to offer that still work in the many repetitions.

&# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; are one of the longest series of all time, which is certainly the fact that the responsible authors come up again and again stories that are not at the end sweetly, but mostly pleasant consistently draw their anarchic wit and bring the index finger raised most ironically into play. Especially the episodes with Homer Simpson were highly praised at this point and recommended!

If you want to find out which character you are in Springfield, then you can our &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; Characters Quiz play! A Top list of the best sayings of Homer Simpson and a Top 10 funniest &# 8220; Simpsons&Episodes; # 8221 We have also prepared for you!

Over the years, the &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; experienced all sorts of bizarre and exciting adventure. Homer for example, was on the moon and won a Grammy. Since it does not fall easily ensure that you always keep everything. With our quiz you now have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the yellow cult characters and to make a tour of Springfield.

Have fun quiz it goes along here:


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