Look into my eyes – Celebrities under hypnosis in live stream and TV

Look into my eyes - Celebrities under hypnosis: Tonight can be stars and starlets hypnotize Oliver goats of Mentalist Jan Becker and then solve strange tasks. Read below, as you can see the RTL live stream, which candidates compete and interesting facts about Germany's most famous hypnotist Jan Becker.

Jan Becker (40) Mentalist and hypnosis trainer had been several TV appearances and tours by Germany. Tonight he added celebrities in hypnosis and lets them solve bizarre tasks then. Cult presenter Oliver Geissen through the spectacle prime time.

Want to see the RTL show, your TV turns on or uses the live stream for your PC or laptop. You are on the go, can you look into my eyes pursue on your smartphone or tablet. For example Magine TV streams you the RTL program on your mobile device - and the offer can you use in testing for free.

see RTL live stream*

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Look into my eyes - Celebrities under hypnosis now in the live stream and TV

The event show today runs evening on television:

  • June 4 from 20:15 pm at RTL and live stream via Magine *Look into my eyes - Celebrities under hypnosis in live stream and TV.
  • The broadcast will go until about 23:30.
  • The repetition of Look into my eyes you see Sunday night at 12:30 on RTL.

Look into my eyes - are the celebrities

Moderator Oliver Geissen through Saturday night when the more or less known celebrities themselves in the hands of the mentalist Jan Becker.

&# 8220; Who gets involved in hypnosis, it is actually experiencing. Creative people are particularly susceptible!&# 8221 ;, so Becker (Source: express.de).

As guests on the show, we see:

  • Walter Freiwald (Ex-Moderator)
  • Michaela Schaffrath (Actress)
  • Thomas Rupprath (Ex-swimmers)
  • Joey Heindle (Jungle king Popsänger)
  • Patricia Blanco (Reality TV Actress)
  • Maxi Biewer (Actress and weather presenter)
  • Jörg Krusche (Known as car dealers on RTL)
  • Tanja Bülter (TV presenter and Event)
  • Christian Polanc (Dancer)
  • Rolf Scheider (Ex-GNTM juror)

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Look into my eyes - tasks for celebrities

The show has prepared a selection of curious tasks. In 10 disciplines, the stars and starlets compete. In a kind of pastry, candidates cocoa lubricate the face, which they consider healing earth. In addition, the celebrities swim through a ball pit and feel just like the swimming pool. Bauklötzer suddenly weigh apparently several tons or serve as a mobile phone to make phone calls. What the mission with Oliver Geissen and Jan Becker nor absurd demands on Joey, Michaela and Co. is, you see tonight at the live stream or on RTL.

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Jan Becker &# 8211; Expert in human nature?

Hypnosis has been scientifically not 100% explainable. Nevertheless, Jan Becker was investigated in 2014 for the ZDF broadcast terra x in the Social Brain Lab. He passed all tests without error and it has been proved that it is due to his years of training and his strong mirror neuron network perfectly able to empathize well with people. In addition, Becker gives workshops where participants can train their own mental abilities even (learn hypnosis, Non smoking, etc.). Reservations can be made through its website jan-becker.com.

&# 8220; stuck in every person fantastic talents that allow the individual to grow beyond themselves. pass on this knowledge and to persuade people create a new awareness of their own spiritual strengths, mine is a big concern "(Source: rtl.de).

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There is also a hypnosis online experiment with Jan Becker, the can try it.

Look into my eyes - Trailer

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