Overwatch: Release Date & amp; Presentation video for Orisa

In the coming week, players of Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch can look forward to a new hero: Orisa will be officially implemented in Overwatch on 21 March 2017th On the occasion of this announcement, the developer has released a new video presentation, in which you get some impressions of the emergence orishas.

646Overwatch: Presentation of the new heroine - Orisa

For weeks, players from Blizzard's Heroes Shooter Overwatch could speculate and speculate as to exactly how the next playable character will look like in the game. And had Blizzard early March finally pulled the curtain aside, and introduced the new hero Orisa, is from today also known when all Players this new character can try. Is Orisa playable on the test servers the PC version of Overwatch for a while, the rest of the player base across all platforms should officially from March 21, 2017 benefit from the new heroes.

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To accompany this announcement, Blizzard has released a new video coming into the numerous employees of the developer to speak, and give you some impressions of the emergence of new heroes. This involves, among other things, the various inspirations, and the combination of African culture and robotics.


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