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With WSUS Offline Update Download you have the opportunity to Office and Windows updates einzuspielen without an Internet connection. This procedure is particularly suitable for users, which want to provide multiple computers with updates, but the Internet has only a low speed.

Who wants to supply many computers with Windows and Microsoft Office updates, but it has only a small Internet connection, for the WSUS Offline Update Download golden. The program can download updates for Windows 2000, 2003 Server, Vista, Server 2008, 7 and 8 and then install on any number of computers, possibly even in the 64-bit version. In addition, WSUS Offline Update also dominated the handling updates to the Microsoft Office suite Office.

 WSUS Offline Update: Download options

her determined by the program options WSUS Offline Update download, for which languages ​​the updates should be downloaded. The current version allows you to specify whether the Windows Media Player updates and Windows Defender, MS Security Essentials or Internet Explorer 9 to be installed.

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Installing the Offline with WSUS update downloaded updates

The installation of downloaded with WSUS Offline Update updates made later by a backup created with WSUS Offline Update CD, a DVD or a USB flash drive. For this, just have to the downloaded file &# 8220; UpdateInstaller.exe&# 8221; copied to a USB flash drive, or from an ISO file will be created, which you can then burn to CD or DVD.

Tip: On the program website you will find some links to German language tutorials and videos that explain how to deal with WSUS Offline Update.

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