Change iPhone alarm volume – how it works

The classic alarm clock on the bedside table was in many households now superseded by the smartphone. With Apple's iPhone you can set you your favorite songs or just a vibration alarm and must not be torn from the sweetest dreams from the cold clank of normal alarm you. As her turns the volume, so you really wake up we tell you the following article.

Change iPhone alarm volume - how it works

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The luxury of sleep off each day, only a handful can afford. From the school it is usually: Set alarm clock and get up early. but instead of the dull ringing of the former analog alarm clock you can wake up now with the iPhone - if the volume of the alarm tone is loud enough.

set the correct alarm volume

The insidious thing about the setting of the iPhone alarm clock that the volume of the ringtone in the app can not be set separately. The alarm volume corresponds to the ring volume of the iPhone. But do not worry: Even if your iPhone is constantly in silent mode, the alarm goes off but with the normal ringer volume.
To adjust the ringer volume, it is sufficient to press the volume control buttons in the unlocked home screen. Do you not see this pop-up that the volume indicating proceeds as follows:

  1. Opens the "Settings" from the home screen.
  2. Scroll to the "Sounds" menu and activates the "Change with Buttons" option.
  3. The volume can you also in this menu change, you should the lock option not want to unlock.
Alarm Clock Update GermanySet an alarm and scaring pets &# 8211; it works well with the volume up of the iPhone alarm clock well.

If you all this is too complicated and would rather want to adjust the volume of the alarm itself, you should take a the App Store for an alarm clock app around.

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