South Park: Phone Destroyer

Some people regularly give a lot of money to own a fancy smart phone &# 8211; South Park: Destroyer Phone you will get rid of it. Your goal is namely to destroy your phone. But, fortunately, not your own. The free-to-play app from the South Park creators Ubisoft and leads you into a fast-paced adventures of Cartman, Kenny and Co.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is an official game from the creators behind the series. Coinciding with the second video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the mobile app will appear and draw you into the spell to Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan. Whether that actually succeeds remains to be seen. So far there are namely still no release date. However, it is rumored that the app published October 17, 2017 iOS and Android becomes. So at the same time as the successor of South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

  • release: unknown
  • platforms: iOS and Android
  • Developer: South Park Studios and RedLynx (Ubisoft)
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
459South Park: Phone Destroyer - E3 2017 - Announcement Trailer

You kill Kenny, you bastards!

Before I annoy you with other information, we come once the most important fact: Yes, you can Kenny in South Park: Phone Destroyer kill. You are then Although pigs are allowed and listen to some of the other kids all kinds, but who cares. He even appears eh again. Phone Destroyer is an official game from the creators behind the video games. At E3 2017, there were only fleeting hints about the upcoming mobile game. but that should be enough once to make any fan of the series so hot that he now freely admits already place on the smartphone.

Now South Park: The Pre rektakuläre ordeal!*

What in Phone Destroyer goes anyway? Good question. A real story has not the game. A framework for action probably, as with video games, but in the end can you from Select numerous classes and outfits and flattening your friends in PvP. As long as Cartman is on board, I do not need at least more backstory to be happy. Your assembles a team of different Charaktern from the series. Gradually, other figures from the sleepy little town are to be added. In addition to the multiplayer part of it is also a Single-player part give.

I do not care about you, but a dream come true for me.I do not care about you, but a dream come true for me.South Park: Phone Destroyer is a Free-to-Play-Title. According to developers, the game should be designed so that you can also play it be great if you does not use real money. Nothing should be provided with a paywall, so you Unlock each class and each figure without real money can. Probably you will but need more time to get the class, do you really want to play.Kenny is still a princess. Whether it can attack again with her unicorn?Kenny is still a princess. Whether it can attack again with her unicorn?

Soft launch and rumors about the release

Currently there is a so-called Soft launch in Scandinavia instead of. This means that the server and the game in general is tested in countries that have relatively few potential players. Kind of like a closed beta so some bugs and errors are eliminated. Afterwards Phone Destroyer to be rolled out worldwide. When that is, but no one knows. We will keep you up to date.

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  • South Park: Phone Destroyer South Park: Phone Destroyer - E3 2017 - Announcement Trailer


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