All World Cup 2014 Download Games – Here’s how

The 2014 World Cup is coming to an end. On Sunday, the German national team has to do what it has done successfully in 1990: defeating Argentina in the final. Who wants to shorten the time to Sunday and wants to relive all the highlights and best moments of the tournament and after the tournament, you can download all the games of the World Cup.

All World Cup 2014 Download Games - Here's how

So you can all the games archive on the PC and offline view again and again how Müller and Co. Portugal have taken apart as Brazil is excreted in tears from the tournament and how Keylor Navas and Costa Rica have played into the hearts of fans.

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World Cup 2014 Game Download: How it works for free

All games of the World Cup in full length can you get online in the ZDF library. So you have the opportunity even now to see how the Netherlands, Spain has dismantled the PC. For the championship game download you need the library View tool. Is the tool once downloaded and installed, you can sift through the videos contained in the respective library, without having to call the offer in the browser. Selects the desired videos and click the Record button. Is the installation directory once elected, confirming the recording with "OK" and the championship game will be downloaded in MP4 format. Of course, media library view is not only to download the World Cup matches, but also provides you access to all content that is available in 17 public media libraries.

Download library View

mediathek-screenshotThe ZDF library offers World Cup matches as highlight videos or full-length (Screenshot Photogallery(21 images)2014 World Cup in Brazil: the most bizarre fan pictures (cars, houses, fan articles and more)

Brazil - Germany Download and more

If your download of WM streams from the library contrary to expectations not work for you, you can also play it and then record with a program like FRAPS or Bandicam and save it as a file.

All World Cup 2014 Download Games - Here's how

However, library View attracts only require data to your hard drive. Will you look at the game itself, you need a video player such as VLC Media Player.

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