Setting up FTP Server: Step by step to your own server

You want to set up you own FTP server in order to exchange data and move to? We show you how to set up easily on your Windows PC its own server that meets these criteria.

Setting up FTP Server: Step by step to your own server

set up step by step to your own FTP server

Without the right software ever anything goes. We give you all the links and tips along the way, so you can set up your own FTP server without any major problems.

1. Install FTP server

  • Invite you to FileZilla server (it is of course also any other FTP client program)

filezilla download*

  • Make your way through the installation routine and install the server on the hard disk

2. Set up FTP server: switch firewalls passage

  • Configure your software firewall to allow the Ports 20 and 21 are free for the FTP Server
  • Do you have an active Windows Firewall (Control Panel > system and safety > Windows Firewall), you can on Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules Create a new rule
  • Selects Port and next "TCP" window and the numbers "21 20," to knock out the two ports of the Windows Firewall
  • windows-firewall-control 05-575x535Later it repeats the process even with the outgoing rules
  • So that the ports 20 and 21 refer also configures the hardware firewall to the host computer

Since the majority of routers to handle very different from each other, the procedures may vary.

  • Give the search in the Start menu CMD, thus opening the command prompt
  • Typing ipconfig / all and let the window open
  • Performs a right-click on the network icon in your system tray and opens network / Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > LAN connection
  • now embark in the properties and opens here Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).

3. Define the IP address for the FTP server

Now you can own IP address for the computer that you want to enter and throw for another look into the earlier open command prompt to set up as an FTP server. Examines the IPv4 address for the LAN connection from the list and transmits them in the following IP address in the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4).

Transmits from the prompt also the address of the Standargateway in the same field in the properties. The CMS server it also carries a the just-mentioned value and confirmed with (OK).

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On page 2 you will find the final steps to create your own FTP server and how you access it.


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