Check hard drive and test surface – easy

Hard disks are subject to a constant load. Not only for this reason, we should occasionally check the hard drive and test the integrity of the surface. Here are the tips to useful tools!

Check hard drive and test surface - easy

If a hard drive starts making strange noises, then it is often too late. It is primarily concerned with preventing the worst, to save data and to check the disk thoroughly to perhaps again get away without much damage.

With the right tools, we can find out if it really is on the hard drive for. And with a little luck, we can then look elsewhere, without fear of data loss. And if we are unlucky, we can nevertheless still bad sectors mark so that they are no longer used. If things get really bad, we have to quickly look for us a backup software.

check the disk thoroughly with Seatools

Seagate is one of the best known manufacturers of hard drives. People have idea also on how to check hard drives and what can break everything. For this reason, one of the best testing tools is for the purpose by Seagate.

fixed disk drive Check SeaTools

The Seatools support SATA, USB, 1394, ATA (PATA / IDE) and SCSI hard drives. Which may be connected to the computer via USB. After starting the program searches for a suitable medium and lists them. Then we can choose our suitable from the various test methods. Among them are a few simple short tests and a simple long-term test. The functioning of the entire hard drive mechanics and the integrity of the surface is mainly tested.

And then there are the advanced tests. Here, among others conducted intensive write, read and erase tests. These drives tests should however only apply if it has already come to the first failures, because they can lead to data loss actually turn.

After selecting the hard drive test method, the program gets going and we get only one kind of progress bar appears. At the end of the Seatools provide us with a summary. Depending on the size of the volume and the selected test checking the hard drive may take a few minutes to several hours. Here patience is needed. Especially when really there are errors, the procedure still delayed because sometime sector by sector is tested several times.

Check hard drive during normal operation: continuous monitoring

A program like Seatools is only used when the hard drive is already under suspicion of having damage. But you might come to be reasonable and start earlier. In the case we support a free tool like CrystalDiskInfo. It shows us quickly right after the start, all values ​​that are ejected from the built-SMART controller. We see error values, temperature and some other useful information.

fixed disk drive Check crystal diskinfo

But the really useful features are in continuous monitoring. Because the tool can be started with Windows and controlled at all times the values ​​of the hard drives. A notification feature then warns us on request by a warning sound, or even e-mail. The latter feature is particularly useful to monitor disk problems in family members and friends whose computer is yes but must always take care of itself, because it has the only clue.


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