So you get Android on your Samsung Wave

If you have a low-cost device from the Samsung Wave family home and want to change to Android, which can make even without a new purchase. Although not everything runs smoothly, but you can get already a first impression of the operating system.

So you get Android on your Samsung Wave

Many know for sure that Samsung has tinkered with its own Bada operating system. but this just comes down to a few beginners -and middle-class devices to light. In my opinion, the Bada OS, which I could watch an acquaintance before, quite successful. My friend, however, been unfaithful to the Wave and also switched to Android. This she did with the purchase of a new device, namely the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

So you get Android on your Samsung Wave

You can spend but without money to the Google operating system come to be called a Samsung Wave from the family his own. Android 2.2 Froyo here replaced Bada. The xda-developers side drew my attention to this rather old post, I nevertheless find recommended. The pity is that the ROM is no longer processed in six months. Apparently, the audience is not so large. Here again an overview of what is used in the current version:

Is working:

  • Market
  • 3D games (though not all)
  • Launcher
  • Audio
  • videos

It does not work:

  • Modem (part no 3G Internet and no telephony)
  • various sensors
  • Idle time (resting phase)

In the appropriate forum thread you will find instructions on how their Android brings to your device. This of course is done at your own risk and the warranty is with this procedure also fell.


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