My Best Enemy live stream: 1. result 2016 today Pro7

After saying goodbye to Stefan Raab, they are the great hope for the evening show program on Pro7. Today. on Saturday, January 9, there is the first episode of 2016 &# 8220; My Best Enemy&# 8221; live stream and TV with Joko and Klaas. In the live stream of the show with Joko & Klaas can you free and legal turn with Magine *.

My Best Enemy live stream: 1. result 2016 today Pro7

In "My Best Enemy" But are not the two "Circus Halli Galli" -Protagonisten the focus, but five candidates, which are provided by their supposed best friends with the task of a lifetime. The issue today is the total of the fifth episode of the game show.

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My Best Enemy in the stream to see: How to&# 8217; s legal

The show's idea for "My Best Enemy" comes from the same section of the weekly "Halli Galli" show Joko and Klaas. Here selected candidates will put their friendship to the test by having to meet a Asked by her friends task. However, these are not just actions, but tests of courage of a special kind.

Next episode: Saturday 9 January 20:15

my best Enemy

Candidates must climb down a precipice about from a dizzying height or sail right through with an iceberg. Today, it is back to prove that &# 8220; harm friendship the most beautiful friendship&# 8221; is. The candidates who bring Asked exam successfully behind them, may occur in the final course. However, not for himself, but the best friend - there beckons again the chance of a prize. One of the highlights of the final course is certainly today again the section in which the candidates of the cult &# 8220; My Best Enemy&must get stung tattoos on the skin or may; #. 8221

Overall, the friendship of five candidates will be put to the test. Among them there will be a surprise candidate that is his from the audience &# 8220; best enemy&# 8221; must provide.

Even if it has now made his own show with the idea off the ground with "My Best Enemy" heading in Circus Halligalli should remain in place. The show is now the second fixed part of the Saturday evening program at ProSieben. Also in 2016 we can look back on exciting new tests of courage in &# 8220; The duel for the world&# 8221; pleased with Joko and Klaas.

See the new show with Joko and Klaas online: My Best Enemy live stream &# 8211; dates repeat

It starts with the fifth episode of "My Best Enemy" on Saturday 9 Janaur pm Pro7. If you have no TV set at home, you can turn to my best friend in the live stream for an account at Magine. The 7TV app for Android and iPhone offers you a live stream for the Saturday night show with Joko and Klaas in the role of moderator and five friends or enemies in the lead roles. We show you also what new shows will run at ProSieben 2016th

My Best Enemy live stream: 1. result 2016 today Pro7

Click here for the live stream at Pro7*

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