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Samsung Electronics is a 1969 based electronics company and the largest branch of the South Korean conglomerate Samsung Group. The group employs over 390,000 people and operates in more than 80 countries. The company has gained notoriety among other things by its mobile division, which successfully produced smartphones and the global market leader. In addition, Samsung Electronics has made a name as a manufacturer of memory chips, televisions and digital cameras. 

History as mobile phone manufacturers

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Already in 1988 brought Samsung Electronics in the home country South Korea a cell phone on the market. Against the then strong competition from Motorola, however, the Group was unable to prevail and gain only 10 percent market share. Until the mid-1990s, the mobile division of Samsung Electronics had to fight, according to opinion of the trade press with poor hardware quality and below average products. A complete withdrawal from the mobile market has been repeatedly discussed in the executive suite.

As part of a change in strategy, the former chief Lee Kun-Hee adrift parted Samsung Electronics from production less profitable products. From now on, the focus was on the development of new electronic components, which the Group was able to sell to other companies and thus became one of the largest suppliers in the world. A 10-year plan should ensure that Samsung Electronics is losing its image as a "budget-maker" and rises to become a serious competitor to Sony as a major producer of consumer electronics.

Samsung: The most important data at a glance

SurnameSamsung Electronics
SeatYeongtong, Suwon
businessConsumer electronics, semiconductors, home appliances
managementJK Shin
Employee392,000 (2016)

The patient tracking the new corporate strategy should pay off for Samsung Electronics. In 2005, the Group drew first past Sony and was able to get hold of loud Interbrand ranked 20th of the world's most popular consumer brands.

On since 2007 growing mass market of smartphones Samsung Electronics was initially but no foothold. The devices, which brought the company using the outdated Windows Mobile on the market, were less successful compared to the iPhone and other smartphones competition and were hardly accepted by the consuming. Only the switch to the developed by Google Android operating system in 2009 brought Samsung Electronics the expected success.

Galaxy S series


A milestone in the history of Samsung Electronics smartphone manufacturer was the Galaxy S (i9000), which was presented in June 2010 and lays the foundation for Samsung's successful Galaxy S series. At the time, the Galaxy S1 was 9.9 mm, the thinnest smartphone and had the fastest GPU. In subsequent years, Samsung Electronics was able to expand the flagship series, especially the Galaxy S3 with its more than 60 million units sold was a box-office hit. Starting with the Galaxy S6, the Group is also the first time in high-quality materials and built glass and metal. In addition to the iPhone, the Galaxy S series is part of the world's most successful smartphone series and has so far sold more than 177 million devices.

Galaxy Note series

Samsung Electronics

As similar success also the Galaxy Note series has proven. First introduced in 2011, the first Galaxy Note made by its giant for its time display diagonal of 5.5 inches for attention. But the main feature and namesake of the Note series was the integrated stylus, called "S Pen" with which handwritten notes have let make.

After several successful successors the success story of the phablet series received a damper in 2016: Two independent battery error attended to the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 caught fire spontaneously. However, a large-scale conversion action could not permanently fix, which is why Samsung chose to in October of that year to take the Galaxy Note 7 permanently from the market the problem. Despite the angeknacksten Images holds Samsung but still at the touch mark-resistant and has already announced a successor.

Tablets and 2-in-1 devices with Android and Windows


is added to the mobile range of tablets and Smart Watches. the tablet computer, which are also sold under the "Galaxy" brand could not connect to the success of smartphones, however. After the company has initially set primarily on the Android operating system, Samsung Electronics has now diversified its tablet division and also offers many convertibles and two-in-one devices with Windows 10 on.

Smart Watches based on Tizen

Galaxy S3 Gear-S3

Since 2014, the electronics giant also has Smart Watches on offer. Instead of Android Wear, the Smartwatch- and wearable OS from Google, the devices based on Tizen but majority. The operating system is an original creation by Samsung Electronics and finds, among other things in the television and home appliances manufacturer's use.

Current product range

240937Samsung Galaxy S 8: The test

The mobile product range of Samsung Electronics is (as of May 2017) mainly for three different smartphone lines to use in each case the entry-level, middle and upper class, several tablets with Android and Windows 10 and Smart Watches based on Tizen.

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus are the two flagship models of the Group and are aimed at the high-end sector. The two smartphones were unveiled in late March on a Unpacked event in New York and points with powerful technology and their so-called "Infinity Displays" in unusual 18.5: 9 aspect ratio, making the devices despite large screen diagonal of 5.8 inches and 6 , 2 inches have compact dimensions. A modern USB Type-C port, microSD slot and protection against dust and water round out the package.

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The middle class is served, however, the Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017), although they also have a glass enclosure with metal edging, but technically not quite measure up to the upper-class representatives of Samsung Electronics. For the beginner class, the manufacturer, the Galaxy J3 and J5 Galaxy has in the program, aimed specifically at smartphone newbies.

Samsung Galaxy-book 12-MWC2017_q-giga

At the Mobile World Congress 2017 Samsung Electronics has introduced three new tablets equal. The Galaxy Tab S3 is based on the Android operating system and will make with optional stylus and keyboard covers the iPad Pro 9.7 competition. As a laptop replacement, however, move the Galaxy Book 10.6 and Galaxy Book 12 with Windows 10th

In SmartWatch sector, the group is represented, among others, with the gear S3, which is offered with "frontier" and "classic" in two different versions. While serving as a software based Samsung's in-house Tizen operating system, but the gear S3 is not only compatible with Samsung smartphones, but with a variety of Android devices and the iPhone.

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