LG Optimus G QSlide: I see double

The biggest advantage of large displays that this multimedia content can be used better. But somehow that does not seem to reach the manufacturers and so present these new possibilities, picture-in-picture to use. LG's version goes by the name QSlide and ensures that two frames can be viewed simultaneously.

LG Optimus G QSlide: I see double


Those who can not decide whether he wants to look at the latest GIGA video on YouTube or the home screen of his smartphone, comes with LG's QSlide function get an ideal assistance. Instead of relying on a classic picture-in-picture function (as does something Samsung with the Galaxy S3 and the Note 10.1) can be viewed two frames that are made with transparency settings better (or worse) visible on the LG Optimus Q can. The advantage: Instead of reducing the view of an app on the fraction of all functions of the respective app and associated image persist thanks QSlide.


But the question is: Who needs something? Multitasking: Ok. It is then but occasionally very useful to run further in the background applications that you can access quickly. But just as it did with Samsung's picture-in-picture solution one has to wonder exactly when you should use the everyday since and what the true meaning of such a function is nevertheless. I will certainly remain hidden the answer, I have picture-in-picture is not used even once on my TV, even if it has long been possible. I do / look rather only one thing, then another. The response of the manufacturers why they built such a function, but is determined: Because you can.

Here is presented in the QSlide a video, we are excited to see what you think of it, so let us know.

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Source: Slashgear

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