Jak and Daxter 4: So James could look like in the new game

Naughty Dog is not currently working, although at Jak and Daxter 4, but puttering in the past on concepts for the successor of the trilogy. The concept drawings for the project were recently posted online.

Jak and Daxter 4: So James could look like in the new game

Those in charge of Naughty Dog yes are known to have their hands full with Uncharted 4 &# 8211; A Thief&# 8217; s do end, which is why the work on Jak and Daxter 4 were put on hold. Since you have also expressed interest in a sequel to The Last of Us at the developers, the completion of the next jump is likely &# 8216; n&8217; Run offshoot move further into the distance.

Internally, Naughty Dog has exchanged some ideas to PS3 times. probably they wanted to aim for a more adult game &# 8211; as that is understood, we know that already. Now the concept art studio Scribble Pad Studios has released some drawings that give us a general idea of ​​Jak and Daxter. 4 And actually acts protagonist Jak much more mature, unfortunately missing only by his companion Daxter each track. Below you can you look at the concept art.

Jak 4 (3)Jak 4 (4)Jak 4 (2)Jak 4 (5)Jak 4 (1)

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