Thomas Müller dead: Bayern star died – Beware of fake!

Thomas Müller is dead &# 8211; at least if one believes a state contribution, which is currently floating around on Facebook. Actually is precisely the Euro 2016 in full swing &# 8211; allegedly Müller but was involved in a serious traffic accident in Munich &# 8211; the Bayern star to be even succumbed to his injuries on the spot. Since it but something is not quite right: What's up with this message about?

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Recently, we only had reported on the alleged suicide of Stefan Raab, as even on Facebook followed by the next scare: This time it is alleged to have caught the soccer star and German international Thomas Müller. Especially during the Euro 2016, which is currently in full swing, football fans are confused throughout Germany: What's up with this message about?

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Thomas Müller dead: EM 2016 and Bayern star dies in traffic accident &# 8211; Caution trap!

The message about the alleged death of Thomas Müller is currently shared as a status post on Facebook and following a now well-known pattern. The reader sees as a lead story a picture collage consisting of a photo of Thomas Müller and a wrecked car. Below it as a teaser some info-morsels with the most important facts: Thomas Müller had been on the way to the daily training when he was involved in the Seebener road in a serious car accident with disastrous consequences: The national player and Bayern star died thus in place.

Thomas Müller deathSuch is the contribution from Facebook. Source:

As a source, the website of the football club Bayern Munich will be given with the teaser. Where you can actually believe, right? Thomas Müller dead so really?

Thomas Müller is NOT dead &# 8211; Post on Facebook is fake

Anyone who reads regularly death notices on Facebook, will probably already guess what the answer fails: No, Thomas Müller is natural not dead. In this paper, it is once again a so-called hoax, that is a contrived message with the conscious aim to encourage the reader to click on the article. To take the scammers in most cases stories high shock potential that are likely shared by many readers.

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Who gives his curiosity and clicks the fictitious news of the death of Thomas, then of course does not end up in the online presence of Bayern Munich. Instead, it is forwarded to a dubious relationship site where a nasty subscription trap lurking. The reader on a &# 8220; Next button&# 8221; click &# 8211; and ending in line an expensive SMS subscription from which one comes out only with great effort.

Thomas Müller facebook_SeiteThe fraudsters have even taken the trouble to make a fake Facebook page in the net. Source:

Downright strange it is, if you click on the message on a computer desktop: Here you end up following on a specially recreated Facebook page with an embedded video that allegedly contains more details. This too is obviously a forgery &# 8211; there is no such video and instead the link leads to a competition, with the data collector your personal information, want to steal via phishing (e-mails, passwords, etc.).

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Hoaxes, fakes and hoaxes on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.

False death reports as in the case of Thomas Müller are referred to on the net as a hoax. That there is a special term for this phenomenon has a tangible reason: In recent months, these messages have become a real plague. appear almost daily invented news that this or that celebrity had died &# 8211; recently included the following personalities suffered the virtual death:

  • Michael sSchumacher
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Mesut Özil
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

The problem is mainly that of course from time to time someone really dies, which is in the public, such as recently David Bowie. With the flood of false reports on the net but it is more difficult to discern what is real and what is fictional. Those who see these messages in his newsfeed, so should do three main things:

  1. delete the message
  2. not further spread the message
  3. is calling reputable sources and make sure to find there a message about the alleged death

This way everyone can contribute his part that the Internet will not be flooded with fake news and groping unsuspecting victims in subscription traps or unwittingly divulge their personal information.

Read also with us, what lies behind the concept of scamming.

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